Official map of new BMW ix3 released in September, made by brilliance BMW

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official map new bmw ix3

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In the near future , New BMW X3 Officially listed , It indicates the new BMW as its pure electric model iX3 The day of its coming out is not far away . Actually, as early as this year 5 month , New BMW iX3 The declaration map of has been exposed . recently , New BMW iX3 Finally released the official map . Combined with recent reports , New BMW iX3 This year 9 The Munich auto show started in June , In the same month, BMW Brilliance carried out domestic production , The time to market is expected to be in the fourth quarter .

New BMW X3

New BMW iX3 The overall design basically continues the fuel version , The biggest difference is the use of a larger closed grille to highlight its identity . Other details , New BMW iX3 It also adopts a more dynamic headlamp group and front surround . Of course , In terms of sports kits , New BMW iX3 It also provides M Sports kit optional . In the tail , New BMW iX3 Continued the new BMW X3 The design of the , New 3D LED Tail light set , The biggest difference between it and the rear of the fuel version is the use of hidden exhaust .

interiors , New BMW iX3 No surprise, it continues the new style X3 The design of the , double 12.3 Inch LCD Meter and central control screen are particularly eye-catching , It also improves the sense of science and technology of the interior . also , The new car will also be equipped with BMW Live Cockpit Professional, Have an intelligent personal assistant 、 Navigation 、 Apple CarPlay、Android Auto、BMW Connected,OTA Upgrade and other functions . As a pure electric model , New BMW iX3 The shift lever has been redesigned , The addition of blue element is the best proof of his identity .

motivation , New BMW iX3 The rear axle single motor is adopted , The most powerful 210kW(286 horsepower ), Maximum torque 400Nm. Battery , The new car is equipped with a capacity of 80kWh High voltage battery ,WLTP The comprehensive endurance can reach 460 km . Official data , A new car needs only... To accelerate 100 kilometers 6.8 second . In terms of charging , New BMW iX3 Support 150kW DC fast charging , Charge 10 You can drive in minutes 100 km .

Edit comment on : Previously, domestic BMW iX3 After a round of price reduction , Sales have improved significantly , Greatly surpassing Mercedes Benz EQC、 audi e-tron These competitors , I've found a way forward . With the new BMW X3 The listing of , New BMW iX3 Their attention was naturally ignited , I believe that the fully upgraded new BMW iX3 Will achieve better sales results than cash models .

New BMW iX3 Officer figure released 9 Home made in June

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