New Odyssey declaration figure middle-aged uncle turns into small fresh meat

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new odyssey declaration figure middle-aged

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

recently , Aika automobile learned a group of declaration drawings of the new GAC Honda Odyssey , From the outside , The new Odyssey has become more young and fashionable , With the latest family design .

2021 Odyssey Rui · hybrid

aesthetic , From the exposed declaration diagram , The appearance design of the new Odyssey is younger , Incorporating the latest family design , The size of China Grid has been adjusted , Adjust the chrome trim strip that runs through the headlight assembly , Make the front face more fashionable . It is worth mentioning that , The new Odyssey will use LED The light source .

In terms of body size , According to the exposed declaration chart , The length, width and height of the new Odyssey are 4861mm/1820mm/1712mm, Wheelbase reached 2900mm. In terms of motivation , The new Odyssey is expected to be equipped with 2.0L Hybrid power system , Maximum engine power 107kW(145 horsepower ), Maximum torque 175Nm, Motor power 135kW(183 horsepower ), torque 315Nm.

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