Changan uni series first car real car figure shadow leopard took over

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changan uni series car real

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

Recently, , changan UNI The news of the first car in the series is frequently exposed , Spy photos of the whole vehicle and relevant details are also made public , But the real car has never been fully displayed in front of us . However , Chang'an doesn't seem to be able to wait until this year 11 Meet us again at Guangzhou auto show in June , I can't wait to send it out today . go , Follow the editor's vision to see the true face of this sports coupe .

When the real car shows up in front of us , This further confirms our previous report , This is likely to be named UNI-V The chang 'an UNI The new car series continues the design elements of the family , The lattice grid composed of a large number of triangular elements has a strong UNI Series style , And we also found a camera in the middle of the grid , It indicates that this car will bring us unknown surprises in intelligent technology configuration . The new car's headlights are very sharp , And the interior also moves triangular elements , At the same time, the internal structure can also be seen UNI-K Shadow . Besides , The new car is also equipped with a large air guide , Perfectly integrated with the upper and lower grille , Create a very dynamic front face .

In the tail , changan UNI The series of new cars still embody the strong sports car nature . In addition to the through tail lights , Its biggest highlight is the electric tail 、 There are two exhaust ports on both sides 、 The very sporty tail shape composed of deflectors . motivation , changan UNI The new series sedan is equipped with 1.5T Blue whale engine , The most powerful 138kW(187 horsepower ), This is better than at present UNI-T The 1.5T More powerful .

Edit comment on : Like Chang'an UNI A sports car such as a new series of cars , At present, there are many strong competitors in the market , For example, we are familiar with Civic 、 Led the g 03, Of course, it also includes GAC motor shadow leopard, which has just appeared on the market . With the change of people's concept of buying cars , In addition to the role of home , More and more people begin to pursue the sports properties of vehicles , That's why Civic 、 Led the g 03、 GAC motor shadow leopard these cars can have good sales and very high attention . So it seems , changan UNI The new series of cars still have a very good prospect .

changan UNI The first real car in the series

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