Hua Xuejian went to Dongkou and longhui to investigate and supervise the construction of the park and epidemic prevention and control

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hua xuejian went dongkou longhui

Red net time 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Zhu Jie Yang Xiaopeng Miyan )8 month 10 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Shaoyang municipal Party committee 、 Acting mayor Hua Xuejian went to Dongkou county and longhui County to investigate the construction of the park , And supervise the epidemic prevention and control . Chen Qiuliang, Secretary General of the municipal government, attended .

“ Five good ” The establishment of the park , Hua Xuejian and his party went to the innovation and entrepreneurship platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongkou economic development zone 、 Shaoyang Qihong Electronics Co., Ltd 、 Dongkou xingxiong Shoes Co., Ltd 、 Hunan Heya sporting goods Co., Ltd. in Longhui high tech Industrial Development Zone 、 Hunan Jingneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd 、 Hunan Junjie Food Technology Co., Ltd , Learn more about the park construction 、 Platform operation 、 attract investment 、 Enterprise production 、 Recruitment 、 Industrial chain construction, etc .

Hua Xuejian stressed , The park is the main battlefield of economic construction 、 Main position , We should strictly control the provincial Party committee 、 Proposed by the provincial government “ Five good ” Objectives of Park creation , Further accurately grasp “ Five good ” The specific content of the park creation 、 Policy requirements and development direction , Scientific planning and positioning , Build an innovation platform , Pay close attention to industrial projects , Straighten out the system and mechanism , Create a good image . We should focus on “ Better business environment ” This article , Adhere to policies to benefit enterprises 、 Serve the enterprise , Strive to provide professional services for enterprises 、 accurate 、 Efficient and high-quality service , Reduce operating costs , Lighten the burden on enterprises , Help enterprises go into battle with light equipment and seek development . We should protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprise employees in an all-round way , While helping enterprises solve the problem of recruitment , We should further implement the salary system of employees 、 Board, lodging, commuting 、 Working hours 、 Protection of rights and interests such as holidays and rest , Ensure stable employment . Keep pushing “ Welcome the villagers back to their hometown and build their hometown ” Investment promotion activities , Attract investment with family affection , Stay in business with the environment , Prosper business with service , Strengthen business with industrial chain .

Epidemic prevention and control , Hua Xuejian went to Dongkou County CDC 、 Vaccination site in Wenchang street, Dongkou county 、 Longhui Weiyuan hospital checks the implementation of various prevention and control measures . Hua Xuejian stressed , To seize the critical moment , Precise and precise 、 Quickly regulate and control key epidemic related personnel . To stick to “ Daily scheduling 、 Daily report ” The system , Vigorously promote vaccination “ Clearing operation ”; We should strictly and carefully organize the fixed points 、 Vaccination at the flow point , Ensure order and safety ; We should coordinate and dispatch resources , Ensure adequate supply of vaccines ; We should reserve emergency materials for epidemic prevention , Make sure you can get it in an emergency 、 It works 、 It works .

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