[unity of anti epidemic love] Wulingyuan: love donation to unite anti epidemic strength (24)

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unity anti epidemic love wulingyuan

Red net moment Wulingyuan 8 month 11 - ( Intern reporter Li Pengfei )8 month 11 Japan , Wulingyuan District held a social donation ceremony for epidemic prevention and control , Deputy Secretary of the District Committee 、 Acting district head Wu Yuping attended the donation ceremony , Five Caring enterprises donated money and materials for Wulingyuan . among , Zhangjiajie xinjielian donation value 20 Ten thousand yuan of anti epidemic materials , The donation value of the agricultural and Rural Committee of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Zhigong party 10 Ten thousand yuan of anti epidemic living materials , Charismatic Xiangxi Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd 100 Ten thousand yuan , The value donated by Xiehe Township chamber of Commerce 10 Ten thousand yuan of anti epidemic materials , Donated by Qingdao sanyutai Energy Co., Ltd 50 Ten thousand yuan .

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