Huangxing Convention and Exhibition economic zone: a touch of red in the rain and a light in the epidemic

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huangxing convention exhibition economic zone

Red net time Changsha 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Li Shuang Jing Jing Zhou )“ Where is the danger , Where the party flag flies ; Where the task is heavy , There are party members everywhere .” In the face of the recent severe situation of epidemic prevention and control , Party member of Huangxing Convention and Exhibition economic zone, Changsha County 、 The volunteer team should shoulder the responsibility 、 Show as , We will earnestly strengthen joint prevention and control 、 A tight line of defense for mass prevention and control , Contribute to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control .

“ Reserve service ” Be a good demonstration

At the point of vaccination , Volunteers are particularly beautiful . In order to do a good job of vaccination , Every village every day ( Community ) Send volunteer teams to Ganshan health center in turn to support . Tang Hongyu, a probationary member of Wanlong village, is one of them , He actively assists the medical staff , Complete the information registration of vaccination personnel 、 Consult and guide 、 Order maintenance and other services .“ Although I am a probationary member , But I have always been strict with myself according to the standard of a full Party member .”

8 month 11 Japan , Huangxing Convention and Exhibition Economic Zone started the whole staff nucleic acid detection work ,2 To be completed within days 7 A village ( Community ) Detection of , The task is heavy 、 Pressure is not small . Early in the morning , God is not beautiful , It rained heavily . In order to ensure the safety of the test 、 Efficient 、 Proceed in an orderly manner ,200 More than volunteers are actively engaged in 14 Test points 、24 Service work of two sampling stations , Assist in personnel information registration 、 Consult and guide 、 Order maintenance, etc , Assist in the successful completion of nucleic acid detection .

In the morning 8 when 40 branch , Liang Zhuo, a probationary Party member, arrived at liandian village early , Help maintain order at the scene , Remind the villagers to line up one meter apart ,3 An hour passed inadvertently .“ It's hot , The clothes are wet and dry , But I saw the scene in good order , I think it's very worth .” He said happily .

“ Big horn ” Shout to you

“ Not far away 、 Don't push 、 Don't gather 、 No door to door 、 Don't make a rumor 、 Don't believe in rumors ......” Walk into Dazhong village , You can hear the epidemic prevention audio in Changsha dialect from a distance , Reminding the villagers to take various epidemic prevention measures .

In view of the dense population in rural areas 、 Some villagers have relatively weak awareness of prevention and control , Party members and volunteers in Dazhong village give full play to “ Big horn ” Broadcast coverage is wide 、 Flexible and rapid 、 The advantage of easy listening , Timely and effectively disseminate epidemic prevention policies and information , Enhance villagers' awareness of scientific protection and self-protection ability , Give Way “ Big horn ” Become the front line of epidemic prevention and control in rural areas “ propagandist ”, With this grounding gas 、 The way of fruit , The publicity and education of epidemic prevention and control in rural areas has been opened up “ Last mile ”.

“ Mother-in-law's mouth ” Exhort repeatedly

There are many enterprises in Wanlong village , In order to protect the safety of employees , Village cadres and village group cadres in Huangxing Convention and Exhibition economic zone , Walk into the workshop one by one , Check employees 、 Vehicle access registration account , Look at employees “ Two yards ”、 Vaccination, etc , Register , Ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work of enterprises within their jurisdiction is rigorous and orderly .

“ Whine , This mask is not worn properly , To do this ……” In yunqi international community , Chema village Party members and volunteers went to the house to carry out epidemic prevention and control publicity and mopping , Repeatedly told the community and store staff to wear masks , keep ‘ one metre line ’ A safe distance from , Ventilate 、 disinfect , Measure the temperature of the personnel entering and leaving the room , see “ Two yards ”, Take epidemic prevention measures .

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