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group pictures wind rain sunshine

Red net time correspondent Chen Siru Liu Hongbo Changsha report

“ The nucleic acid detection point in doutang new village has been arranged as required , The peak shifting detection notice has been issued to each village group according to the distance and crowd distribution .”“ Check the body temperature at the entrance of nucleic acid detection point in Chang'an village 、 Check the double code — Queue at intervals — Personnel information entry — Sample collection — After testing, the villagers left the site , Each link has a special person in charge , And complete the whole process drill .”8 month 11 Early morning , The working group of Huangxing Convention and Exhibition economic zone in Changsha county is still “ sound of dripping water ” It's ringing ,14 The person in charge of each nucleic acid detection point shall be responsible for the site required for daytime detection 、 supplies 、 Carefully prepare equipment, etc .

8 month 11 Early in the morning , It's raining hard , However, it has not affected the national nucleic acid testing work at all . Party members and cadres 、 Medical staff 、 Volunteers arrive at the test site at the scheduled time , on your marks . Under the guidance of volunteers and cadres , The villagers are efficient 、 Fast 、 Completed the nucleic acid test safely .

“ It's sunny when it rains , The weather is really bad , But the on-site service is comfortable , All at once .” Li Feng, from the inspection point of Ganshan community convenience service center, praised .8 month 11 Japan , Huangxing Exhibition economic zone 7 A village ( Community )14 The detection points are carried out in an orderly manner , expect 8 month 12 Complete the inspection work in an all-round way on the th .

Shed new , The nucleic acid test point is ready

In my heart “ one metre line ”, You and I guard together

Flow detection into the park , Service enterprise zero distance

Love doesn't last overnight , The whole people send cool

Help your peers , No one is left behind in epidemic prevention and control

focus 、 care 、 trust , Build a healthy defense line

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