Xie Guixiang went deep into the core scenic spots to supervise the epidemic prevention and control

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xie guixiang went deep core

Zhang Ting taken

Red net moment Wulingyuan 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Zhang gongheng )8 month 10 solstice 11 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Wulingyuan District Party committee , Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Zhang Guan Bureau 、 Xie Guixiang, executive deputy director, went deep into front-line units and enterprises in the scenic spot , Supervise the management and control of station entrance card points 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Disinfection and killing 、 Material support, etc .

During the inspection , Xie Guixiang pointed out , We should strictly implement " Iron bucket tactics ", Implement control responsibilities , Do a good job at the entrance of the ticket station 、 Intersection checkpoint watch , Strengthen the control of incoming and outgoing personnel , The left behind staff do not go out of the scenic spot unless necessary ; According to the requirements of nucleic acid detection of all personnel in the whole field , Further strengthen the organization and management of nucleic acid detection in the scenic spot , Make sure you check everything 、 leave no one behind ; We should strictly abide by the discipline of epidemic prevention and control , Do not carry out gathering activities ; Strictly follow the requirements of the municipal flood control headquarters , Combined with the actual situation of the territory , Responsibility for compaction and flood control , Strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden danger points , Report emergencies in time .

On the same day, Xie Guixiang also arranged and dispatched the work of living material support .

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