How many SUVs are the most popular in Japan?

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The Olympic Games held in Tokyo, Japan, have just come to an end , I believe everyone in gymnastics and other competitions , I've seen all kinds of Japanese players and referees “ by surprise ”. On the other hand , The master took a look at the sales data of Japan's local market on the eve of the Olympic Games , Find a strong car making field in Japan , original TA We left so many good cars for ourselves . Let's take a look at the eve of the Olympic Games TA What are you buying ?TOP5 Why is our sales list absent from our favorite SUV models .

The first name : Toyota -Yaris

sales :23200 car

Yaris I believe everyone is not new , If you don't have a big budget , But I love Toyota brand for ten minutes , So choose YARiS L It will be one of your few choices . The reason why the car can win the sales champion in Japan , In addition to Toyota's brand power , It is believed that it can show the space for five people to travel with full load , And the fashionable appearance is also Yaris It's a big killer .

But what is intriguing is ,YARiS L The sales performance of models in China's automobile market is not very bright . On the one hand, it is less than 100000 A The first-class car market has long been dominated by independent brand models that pay more attention to cost performance “ monopoly ”.

On the other hand , Honda fit, a Japanese competitor , With magic space, it has won the favor of a considerable number of consumers . So it seems , Toyota, which pursues the balance of product power YARiS L There seems to be less leading advantages to impress consumers .

proxime accessit : Toyota -Roomy

sales :14807 car

Based on big hair Thor Create a small MPV—— Toyota -Roomy, The model incorporates many K-Car as well as MPV Design elements of . The two blend , Combined the existing K-Car Small body size , At the same time there are MPV The spacious compartment space features the model .

With such product features , Believe in Roomy Enter the country , There will also be good market sales . In terms of local sales in Japan , The position of the runner up also shows the excellence of its product power .

what's more , Compared with our domestic models with similar positioning ,Roomy In addition to providing peer MPV A rare side sliding door , The appearance and image should be more appropriate than the micro surface . If the terminal and fit are the same price , Will you choose ?

The third : Toyota - corolla

sales :9242 car

Carola as a global model , It's natural to sell a lot . After years of deep cultivation in the domestic market , Carola has also accumulated a lot of reputation for quality stability in China , Same as Japan , Corolla is also Toyota's sales force in China .

Specific to the product level , The new models are in TNGA Under the blessing of the architecture , Chassis quality 、 powertrain 、 The technology configuration is quite good .

So it seems , If you also have a budget of more than 100000 , But I don't know my car scene and car preference , Toyota Corolla pursuing the golden mean , It's often a good default choice .

A fourth : Toyota - ELFA

sales :8964 car

Although ELFA is also quite popular at home , But due to the high selling price and the status of import , It is almost impossible to achieve the same sales performance in China .

In Japan , ELFA's model positioning and pricing are not as high as ours . In addition, there is no import status and tariff support , There is no way to talk about the price increase of the terminal . ELFA's product power , Orders from so many rich people in China , Can also see the leopard .

in summary , On the premise of good product power, Toyota ELFA , The more affordable local price makes it the fourth place in sales . What about? , Do you envy ?

fifth : Toyota -AQUA

sales :7902 car

Toyota Prius believes that everyone is no stranger , As an early hybrid model in China , Prius has made many domestic consumers have a concept of hybrid models . However, the price of two or three hundred thousand , The Prius, which is not big in size, failed to become a popular model .

And Toyota Aqua It's the miniaturized model of Toyota Prius , In overseas markets, it is “ Prius C” The nominal sale of .

The new Aqua be based on GA-B platform-developed , It is better than Prius in cost control . But the master thinks , Even if the Aqua Enter the country at a similar price to Carola , Its smaller body size , And the power configuration that can't win the green card , It is also not suitable for the current automobile market demand .


From Japan's sales list last month ,TOP5 The position of is basically by the Toyota brand “ monopoly ”, From this we can see that , Toyota's deepening is not only in China and Southeast Asia , Even in Japan , Toyota brand is also much stronger than other Japanese brands .

More intriguing is , Sales volume TOP5 In the list , Yes MPV models 、 There's a hatchback 、 There's a hatchback , Instead, it is in full swing in China SUV The car is absent . From such characteristics , In fact, the demand for cars in Japan is not similar to that in our country . They pay more attention to “ Small body 、 Large space ”.

contrary , Because of our vast territory and abundant resources , Roads and parking resources are not as tight as in Japan , Large space can be built on the basis of large size , Then superimpose rural dirt roads 、 The addition of factors such as dilapidated pavement , Existing large space , With good passing SUV Naturally, it has become one of the first choices for national car selection . You'll give up because of the model above SUV Model ? Welcome to the comment area to tell the master .

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