The new Honda CR-V and BMW X1 are greatly changed! Wait and buy or copy the bottom?

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new honda cr-v cr bmw

Looking at the world automobile market , The biggest difference brought to consumers by each model replacement often does not come from the underlying technological innovation . Although the engine parameters 、 Mileage and other data are obvious , But in the face of design changes , It's not worth mentioning . Many Chinese consumers even choose cars , Will put the appearance design first in whether to choose this model .

In fact, I can understand , The appearance design of the model can not only make itself pleasing to the eye , At the same time, it is also revealing the owner's taste and values to the outside world . In other words ,“ Know people by car ” At present, it is still quite popular in China . From this point of view , The appearance of the vehicle has become a part of the owner's image , Even turned into their own social business cards .

There have been a lot of mainstream SUV The next generation of models has entered the road test phase , Their body design has also been exposed in advance , Let's take a look at these exposed SUV Whether spy photos are in line with everyone's Aesthetics . We started by taking advantage of the early bottom reading to buy , Or wait, the new style will be more fragrant .

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Joint venture in China SUV The line-up is a winning general , The upgrade of its appearance is particularly important . From the rendering of overseas media , The new sixth generation CR-V The outline remains round and beautiful . As for the body size , Whether it's blind guessing or rendering , Can guess the new CR-V It's bigger than cash , The interior space of the car is bound to be improved .

It's worth mentioning , new CR-V Pay more attention to the sense of youth and fashion on the basis of cash , The longer and narrower headlight group is integrated with the larger hexagonal air inlet grille . Although there is no use of the more scientific and technological boundless design , But compared with the new Qijun, which has just completed the replacement , It doesn't fall .

From the rear of the body side , A sharp waist line with a slight rise extends from the lights to the rear of the car , Create a good sense of muscle . The rear of the “L” Zigzag tail lamp group , Become slender like the headlamp group , I believe this design will be more popular with young people .

What makes the master think deeply is , The original civic of the young movement , The next generation models have become luxurious . contrary , It was more home oriented CR-V, In the image of the rendering , But it specializes in the young consumer market . So it seems , Honda is going to give the original target consumer group a big reshuffle ?

motivation , new CR-V Probably will continue to carry 1.5T Turbocharged engines and 2.0L Hybrid power system . Including cash 1.5T Maximum engine power 142kW, Peak torque 243Nm;2.0L Maximum engine power 107kW, Peak torque 175Nm, 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption is only 4.9-5.6L about . It is believed that plug-in hybrid models will also be upgraded and launched at the same time .

summary : Although new CR-V The body size becomes larger , It can also better meet the needs of household consumers . But whether the younger and fashionable design can meet the aesthetics of home consumers , But it has become an unknown number . If you are a home oriented consumer , Order now . If you like CR-V Young people of , Wait, a new generation CR-V Also just as well .


Except for Honda CR-V Outside , And the next generation of BMW X1. BMW currently on sale X1, Although the kingpin model adopts the configuration of three cylinder front drive , However, its larger body size and the terminal price overlapping with the joint venture competitors , Let BMW X1 Become one of the brand sales roles .

BMW X1 The reason why it sells well , In addition to size and price factors , It also has a lot to do with BMW's brand power and domineering appearance . Cash BMW X1 The appearance of the is designed through the large double kidney grille combined with the more dignified and stable headlamp group , Create a stable atmosphere of the model .

From the rendering of the new model , BMW X1 I'm young again . Powerful and rising headlamp group design , one's eyes brimming with radiating vigour , The sports style below is also sharp . The body size is expected to increase slightly .

motivation , It is estimated that the new car will continue to provide fuel version and plug-in hybrid version , The fuel version still uses 1.5T and 2.0T The engine .1.5T Maximum power of turbocharged engine 103kW, Peak torque 220N·m;2.0T Maximum power of power 141kW, Peak torque 280N·m.

summary : BMW X1 The sales volume of has demonstrated the success of its model positioning , The new models use the front drive platform and 1.5T+7 Power assembly of double speed clutch gearbox , It's a certainty . If you just like BMW X1 Aggressive appearance and terminal price , Buying early and enjoying early is definitely a wise choice .

The public T-ROC The open version of detective song

With the beetles gone , Today's popular brands really have few smart works .“ Two doors + Open ” The elements of , For most consumers, it means petty bourgeoisie and romance . But often this positioning , Chinese consumers who are not in line with the scene of taking household vehicles as the main vehicle . But now the master tells you , Integrate these two elements into T-ROC Explore this song SUV In the model , What would you think ?

Recently, overseas media exposed a group of new Volkswagen T-ROC Spy photos of the road test of the two door convertible version of Tange .

In terms of appearance , The design of the basic version is used for the headlamp shape and the waist line of the body . But the highlight is in the upper part of the body . The roof of the hood is combined with the line of the sliding back , Give Way T-ROC Tan Ge is a little more enchanting in the image of family . Double door design , Although in the eyes of Chinese people, it often means that the interior space of the carriage is narrow , But in T-ROC The body size of Tange is guaranteed , It's not a problem .

motivation , New cars will continue to be shipped 1.0T Three cylinder engine and 1.5T Four cylinder engine , The maximum power is respectively 85kW and 110kW, The transmission system provides 6 Speed manual and 7 Two kinds of matching of double speed clutch gearbox .

summary : at present T-ROC The official guide price for exploring songs is 15.89-20.49 Ten thousand yuan . Although the possibility of localization of convertible version is unlikely , But if it can be achieved , Then this model is likely to become the most accessible convertible for Chinese consumers SUV One of .


before SUV Most of the models are the main consumer models of mature household consumers , But from the changes of the above three cars, we can see ,SUV Rejuvenation will be the development trend in the future . The younger model means that the original mature consumers are unable to accept the new design , What trade-offs should be made , It depends on whether the manufacturer has the courage to transform . Do the new shapes of the above three models conform to everyone's Aesthetics ? Welcome to the comment area to tell the master .

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