Ferrari: SUV is inconsistent with our brand value! Porsche: do you want money or not?

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ferrari suv inconsistent brand value

Students who click in , You ask yourself if you're expanding !

as everyone knows , Porsche relies on Cayenne I've tasted it SUV Sweetness , Of course, now it has a more people-friendly price Macan, Although for poor losers ,Macan Still can't afford , But for some male elites , The cost of making women happy is lower .

See Porsche borrow SUV Make a lot of money , Many super luxury brands can't sit still , Including Ferrari .

In recent days, , Foreign media reported that Ferrari's first SUV——Purosangue It will be released next year , It means SUV Add another member to the aristocracy . at present , It's spread on the Internet Purosangue Pictures are just renderings , It is reported that ,Purosangue The front engine layout will be used , And is expected to carry V12 Self-absorption power , The maximum power is expected to exceed 800 horsepower , This will also be Ferrari SUV Compared with other super luxury brands SUV The advantages of .

Regardless of Ferrari Purosangue What is the specific product power of , At least for Ferrari and even the whole sports car brand , They have taken a new step , Just imagine , Even said “SUV Inconsistent with brand value ” All Ferraris play SUV 了 , Other brands also need to establish “ Chastity archway ” Do you ?

However , After Porsche 、 Before Ferrari , There are already many super luxury brands playing “ contrast ” 了 , Let's talk about it SUV Inside “ noble ”.

aston · Martin DBX

The guided :229.80 Ten thousand yuan

aston · The Martin model has the smell of a violent gentleman , Now as SUV Of DBX No exception , In terms of appearance ,DBX Not very radical , But look at the shape, outline and lines , You can still feel its value .

What is more distinctive is its interior , Have personality and strong British style , Exudes a full aristocratic temperament , Of course, its back row is usable and practical .

DBX carrying 4.0T V8 The engine , The most powerful 550 horsepower , Peak torque 700N·m, matching 9AT transmission , The official 100 km acceleration time is 4.5 second .

DBX Not very strong in every way , But it wins in its unique style , And high recognition ,6 month ,2022 paragraph DBX Listed .2021 First quarter , because DBX Excellent performance of , aston · Martin's sales in the Chinese market increased year-on-year 355%.

Bentley, the more

The guided :249.90 Ten thousand yuan

since 2015 Since its domestic listing in , Bentley Tim Yue has made a lot of money , Once it was listed, it was called a local tyrant SUV, Because it was super luxurious five years ago SUV No one in the field can really play .

The starting price of Tianyue is 398 Ten thousand yuan , The price of the first limited edition model has gone to 480 Ten thousand yuan , Of course, that's because there are W12 Engine support , Think about how many there were at that time 12 Cylinder SUV, You will know how confident you are .

Cash is added more and more 4.0T V8 The engine , The most powerful 550 horsepower , Peak torque 770N·m, matching 8AT transmission , Under pressure , Tim Yue has also carried out in terms of power “ castration ”, Although the price is cheaper , But I can't get up .

in addition , Tianyue also derived Tianyue PHEV models , It carries 3.0T Hybrid system , have a lot of “ The flavor of the times ”, The price is really more affordable , But it's also true “ Change your mind ” 了 .

lamborghini Urus

The guided :294.11 Ten thousand yuan

Lamborghini sports car naturally gives people a very fierce feeling , And as a SUV Of Urus The same is true of , The flamboyant design has been reminiscent of its performance , Of course, if you compare with Daniel and calf ,Urus Still a lot more docile , After all SUV Need to take into account a certain degree of comfort and practicality .

Whenever there is one on the road Urus, Its return rate must not be low , also Urus The interior is also full of fighting breath , Sitting inside still can't restrain your impulse , This is the charm of Lamborghini .

Urus Of course, there are cow capital , It carries 4.0T V8 The engine , The most powerful 650 horsepower , Peak torque 850N·m, matching 8AT transmission , The official 100 km acceleration time is 3.6 second , Speed up to 305km/h.

Lamborghini and Ferrari are collectively known as “ Cattle and horses ”, Maybe I saw Lamborghini SUV already “ False start ” 了 , So Ferrari can't help it .

Rolls-Royce curry south

The guided :610.00-780.00 Ten thousand yuan

Rolls Royce is a super luxury brand standing at the top of the pyramid , So curinan naturally became SUV The leader of the aristocracy , Just look at the price , You know it's going to be the best 、 At a glance, the mountains are small .

Curinan has his own solemn and dignified temperament , A square outline 、 Straight lines , Are telling about its dignity , I don't need to talk about the interior , The simple style is a school of its own .

Curinan 6.7T V12 The engine , The maximum power of the high-power version is 600 horsepower , Peak torque 900N·m, matching 8AT transmission , In pursuit of comfort, its 100 km acceleration time is 5.1 second , Of course, discussing acceleration with Suriname is of little significance .

So far , Curinan was carrying V12 The engine , It's already a rare species , Bentley Tim Yue has replaced V8, Curinan doesn't know how long he can hold on .


Whether it's an ordinary car brand 、 Luxury car brand or sports car brand , Making money and making profits are the top priority within them , Because only the money in your pocket is enough , To be able to do more things you want to do . for instance , Lean on SUV A pocketful of Porsche , There will be more funds to feed the sports car business .

SUV The tide swept the world , For sports car brands, we should also build SUV How to do it , What do you think ?

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