There are "two fields" in the front and autonomy in the rear. How should Nissan xinxinjun "show goodwill"

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fields autonomy rear. rear nissan

If the German brand is promotion “ turbo + Double clutch ” The words of the greatest hero , Then the driving force behind the three cylinder engine is likely to be the Japanese brand . Although some time ago, American brands tested three cylinders , However, the impact of excessive sales also exceeded the expectations of auto enterprises , Soon, the three cylinder model also returned to the array of four cylinder engines .

Compared with the swing of American brands , Japanese brands are much more firm . Recently, Nissan's new Qijun has also been officially launched , What follows is a new 1.5T Three cylinder power , Can Chinese consumers accept ? So let's look down .

How about Qijun

Compared with Honda Civic 1.0T And Toyota Corolla 1.5L Three cylinder power , The new Qijun adopts 1.5T Dynamic approach , Obviously more radical .

But at present, consumers still have a way back , If you really mind the stability of the three cylinders in the future , You can still buy 2.0L as well as 2.5L Discontinued and on sale version of naturally aspirated power . For mature consumers , Choosing the old model can not only obtain more precipitation of quality and stability reputation , The old model pays more attention to the design of roundness and moderation, and is more suitable for the aesthetics of this kind of consumers .

by comparison , The new models have to attack a lot both in terms of power specifications and design elements . But looking at the history of models is no longer strange , The overall design of the second generation Qijun adopts a more masculine and square shape , The development of the third generation models that are currently discontinued and on sale , The overall design is mellow and civilized all at once . This time from the original mellow golden mean to the adult light domineering style , It's no longer strange . This kind of attack technique is compared with Honda CR-V、 Toyota RAV4 These two Japanese competing models , The replacement of Qijun has no burden at all .

But it's normal to think about it , When the first generation Qijun came into the market ,CR-V Has been listed 5 year , and RAV4 Has been listed 6 year . Better than the two old masters 、 It makes sense to be younger . what's more , Qijun after successive generations , Sales are still strong . Breaking through the inherent image of the old model can also increase sales , It also proves the correctness of Qijun jump replacement .

The specific term , The appearance of the new Qijun adopts a new V-Motion 3.0 Design language , Use the front face Double V-Motion The shape design of . Although the inverted trapezoidal grille is much larger than the old one , But you can still recognize this is a Nissan model at a glance . More brilliant design appears in the headlights on both sides , The new Qijun headlamp set adopts LED Star ship split design , Compared with the same level of competitors , The split design really makes the car a lot younger .

From the side rear ,U-Shape The double waistline makes xinxinjun feel more powerful . If you choose a two-color version , The blackened upper body will create the feeling of hidden roof . In terms of size , The size of the new car is 4681*1840*1730mm, The wheelbase 2706mm, Compared with the old model, it has a slight increase .

Inside the car , Compared with the old model, it emphasizes functionality , The carriage atmosphere of the new model obviously has a sense of scientific and technological design . Suspended central control screen 、 Touch function control area 、 Flat bottomed multifunction steering wheel 、 Special rectangular shift mechanism , Make the design of xinqijun easier to capture the hearts of young people .

motivation , Remove the old models that are out of production and on sale , The new generation of Qijun adopts 1.5T Three cylinder engine . It's worth mentioning , This engine is equipped with a lot of black Technology , Except for direct injection in high-pressure cylinder 、 The second generation of coating cylinder body spray technology , also 8:1-14:1 Intelligent stepless variable compression ratio function . From the results , The new model is better than the old Qijun 2.5L Self priming engine , Fuel consumption is reduced 24%, At the same time 2.0L Naturally aspirated engines reduce the 6%. More importantly, while the fuel consumption decreases , Engine power up 13%, Torque up 26%, Pretty good .

Matching with the new engine is still familiar CVT Stepless gearbox , The maximum power of the power assembly is 150kW, Peak torque 300N·m. High configuration models are also equipped with the second generation 4×4-i Intelligent four-wheel drive system , Facing the slippery and muddy road, it also has more confidence .

Comparison of market prospect and competitive products

Beyond all doubt , The appearance design of the new Qijun 、 Interior atmosphere 、 The matching of powertrain is much more radical than that of competitive products at the same level . From a market point of view , Such radical changes will also face a major reshuffle of consumers of new and old models . Judging from the cumulative sales in the first half of this year , Although the sales volume of Nissan Qijun is strong , But at Honda CR-V And Toyota RAV4 There is still no threat in front of .

Compared with the previous two models, xinxinjun is slower than the first half of the replacement time , Whether we can realize the anti super needs more product power that can impress Chinese consumers . More jump off 、 More radical changes are inevitable .

From appearance 、 In terms of interior design , Honda CR-V、 Toyota RAV4 More emphasis on home functional design , I believe it will please the original mature consumers in this segment . Consider Honda CR-V、 Toyota RAV4 The foundation of our success , It is believed that these consumers will still be the main consumers in this segment . And the young domineering appearance of Nissan's novel steed 、 Interior technology , It will undoubtedly be more popular with young people .

In terms of engine technology , Although Qijun is brand new 1.5T The black technology of the engine is full , But for consumers with a conservative view of consumption , The three cylinder engine is a difficult heart for them to overcome . Honda with four cylinder engine CR-V And Toyota RAV4 Will be the final choice of this kind of consumers .

contrary , If you are a consumer group that dares to accept new things , Qi jun 1.5T Bright power parameters of the engine and excellent fuel consumption level , It will also move you . However, we should not ignore the rising status of independent brands in the hearts of consumers .


A new generation of novelty Jun, from the perspective of product tonality , It's really changed a lot from the old model . But from a consumer perspective , Qijun's market segment consumers , The concept of buying a car has already taken shape . In the face of such radical changes , Whether they can accept it or not really needs a question mark . When the old models that are out of production and on sale are cleared , This part of more conservative consumers will face the problem of loss .

On the other hand , Young consumers who are willing to accept new things , In addition to Nissan Qijun , There are also independent brands with excellent cost performance SUV You can choose . In the face of a back and forth attack , Whether Nissan xinqijun can capture Chinese consumers through product power ? Let's wait for the market reaction .

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