Did you buy Ford, Mitsubishi and other joint ventures with independent technology?

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buy ford mitsubishi joint ventures

In the initial stage of independent brand , Want to buy reliable independent brand models , It's just staring at “ Mitsubishi engine + Aisin gearbox ” Dynamic combination of , People don't trust the technology of their own brands . thus , Choosing a joint venture brand model became one of the most worry free ways to buy a car at that time , On the one hand, the joint venture brand feels more high-end , On the other hand, a considerable number of Chinese people will think that choosing joint venture brand models , In terms of mechanical foundation and car making technology, it is hard to beat domestic cars .

here we are 2021 Years of today , Independent brands through the acquisition of foreign enterprises and self-developed technology , It has long been rid of the image that can only be sold by stacking configuration . unfortunately , In terms of mechanical foundation and car making technology , Many Chinese believe that the ability of joint venture brands is still crushing their own brands . Little imagine , Independent brands have already realized the reverse output of technology , Today, let's take a counter example , Slap in the face .

Ford brought the world

Ford collar positioning compact SUV, The official price is 10.98-16.48 Ten thousand yuan . In other words , This joint venture brand SUV models , The pricing completely coincides with the independent brand models of the same level , The cost performance is quite outstanding . aesthetic , The Ford collar adopts the Ford family design , The overall style is more masculine and domineering . The rear of the car is decorated with chrome 、 Lower spoiler 、 Bilateral double outlet exhaust design , Create a good sense of movement .

interiors , Large embedded central control screen , Piano key design , Let the carriage continue the youthful look . Wood grain decoration and leather on the matching + Suture design , It really feels better than a joint venture at the same price SUV It's a lot stronger .

But careful netizens will find , The engine model of Ford is JX4G15C6L , This is different from Ford's usual engine naming . Simply speaking , This is an engine independently produced by Jiangling . Transmission system , The Ford collar adopts Nanjing Bangqi CVT transmission . It can be seen from the configuration of engine and gearbox , Although the leading model bears the Ford logo of the United States , But its mechanical foundation has a stronger Chinese origin .

in general , This joint venture of Ford collar SUV By integrating domestic technology , It has not only obtained more competitive cost performance compared with the joint venture and competitive products at the same level , At the same time, it integrates the domineering appearance of Ford and the interior design it is good at , Isn't such a car more fragrant ?

Gac Toyota iA5

In the field of new energy , Japanese Toyota can be regarded as the head model . Especially the early Toyota Prius , It has opened up the awareness of countless domestic consumers of new energy . No, you may not know , Toyota is now suspended LOGO New energy models also use GAC's technology . The reason is simple , Under the influence of domestic emission regulations and double credit policy , A car company like Toyota that sells mainly in the fuel camp , Naturally, there will be an integral problem .

iA5 The listing of , It can alleviate the pressure of double integral to a certain extent . Let's take a different perspective , although iA5 The birth of is a bit of a policy product , But the Toyota hanging LOGO It also well illustrates , The technology of this model has been recognized by Toyota , There is no doubt that it will affect the quality stability and reputation of Toyota brand .

Car model , Gac Toyota iA5 The most characteristic of Toyota , It's the design . Different from the young sports design elements preferred by independent brands , Gac Toyota iA5 More Japanese lovely styles are integrated into the design , The outline of the headlight group has also become mellow .

interiors , Gac Toyota iA5 It continues the advantages of advanced interior appearance of its own brand , Double screen + Layered design makes iA5 In the competitive products of joint ventures at the same price . stay 4792*1880*1530mm Under the blessing of body size , It's no problem that the interior space of the car meets the needs of household .

The power and endurance that we are most concerned about ,iA5 Equipped with a front motor , Maximum power is 184 horsepower , Peak torque is 300Nm.58.8kWh Three yuan lithium battery , Give Way iA 5 Of NEDC The range easily exceeds 500 kilometers .

What's more worth saying is , Toyota iA5 It's not about fighting alone , Similar to its practice, there are Yile models of GAC Honda .“ Two fields ” By adopting GAC vehicle technology , It not only relieves the integral pressure , At the same time, it also makes up for the market vacancy of pure electric compact hatchback . For consumers , No matter which brand you like , You can choose the one you like .

GAC Mitsubishi artuko


Similarly, , except “ Two fields ” Outside , Mitsubishi, previously relied on by its own brand , Recently, it will also put on the shelves a model using GAC Technology SUV Model artuco . As can be seen from the published pictures , Artuco's body contour and AION V There are various “ a section of arrowroot is separated , but the clinging fibre remains ”. But split headlights and “X” Front face design of modeling , It's easy to recognize that this is the family design of Mitsubishi brand . If you don't pay attention to car information , According to the front face design, I mistakenly think this is a “ native ” Japanese new energy vehicles are also understandable .

interiors , Mitsubishi artuko focuses on fresh and simple style , The bright black trim strip running through the center console forms a sharp contrast with the light interior . The suspended center console is matched with the rotary shift structure , Create a good sense of Technology .

motivation , Although it has not been announced yet , But the master guessed , Mitsubishi artuko will work with AION V Use the same powertrain .


In addition to the specific models above , In the automobile industry “ Superstructure ” It's also changing , Ford's new energy models use BYD batteries 、 Toyota and BYD jointly set up a new company . Just as the Chinese elements in foreign films are increasing , Toyota 、 Honda 、 Ford and other world-class car companies , Nowadays, there are more and more integration with Chinese technology in model building .

Some Chinese people are still too obsessed with joint venture brands , As everyone knows, many joint venture brands have already used Chinese independent technology . Sometimes it's not the technology that's bad for autonomous models , What is missing is the establishment of trust in them by some consumers . Today, the status of independent brands is different from that of 20 years ago , It is no longer news that domestic models are sold abroad .

The master believes , According to the current drive of independent research and development , In the near future , China's own brand automotive technology surpasses joint ventures , Leading the world is not a dream at all .

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