In August, the heavyweight SUV was the first to see the crown luff / Macchiato / the new cs55 plus

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august heavyweight suv crown luff

Let's have a rough count ,7 Monthly new car launch 50 Many kinds of , There are many heavy models , Like the audi SQ5、 A new generation of Nissan Qijun 、 The public ID.6 CROZZ、 Aurora Land Rover L etc. . Next 8 There are also many new cars ready to go on the market , Heavy models don't lose 7 month , Master, let's have a preview .

Changan new generation CS55 PLUS

changan CS There has been no shortage of sales of series models , In especial CS75 PLUS After coming out , And lead Chang'an CS The family has come out of the trough , Its sales volume also directly rushed to the second place in the sales list , Direct pin crown Harvard H6 Launch an impact . And as a CS The little flower of the family CS55 PLUS Also finally ushered in a big change comparable to the official replacement , Officials call it a new generation CS55 PLUS.

For a new generation CS55 PLUS The body size of is 4515/1865/1680mm, The wheelbase is 2656mm, Positioning as compact SUV. From the outside ,CS55 PLUS There is no direct application of CS75 PLUS, The practice of packaging yourself into a small model , It's integration UNI The design elements of the series , With long and narrow irregular headlights , The details are embellished with red decoration symbolizing sports elements , The overall visual effect is very sharp . The tail lamp is also of slender design , However, there is no through approach , The large spoiler and the double vertical bar high-level brake light are all very sporty .

A whole new generation CS55 PLUS The interior is the same as the appearance , It's not too much to describe it as being reborn , And there is transcendence CS75 PLUS It smells good. . Directly apply to new cars UNI-K 's interior , Whether it's a sense of Technology 、 The sense of hierarchy or three-dimensional feeling can be greatly satisfied .

motivation , A whole new generation CS55 PLUS use 1.5T Blue whale NE The engine , The most powerful 188 horsepower , Peak torque 300 cattle · rice , matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , And provide ECO Energy saving 、NORMAL Ordinary and SPORT Sports three driving modes .

Toyota Crown Luffy

When FAW Toyota officially announced that it would no longer produce crown cars , The master was lost for a while , After verification “12 There will be no crown after generation ” It's even more depressing after . without doubt , The crown is a good car , Just not keeping up with the times . The good news is that crown will be resurrected as a brand of Toyota , Main high-end series , So there is FAW Toyota Crown luffer .

Crown luff is hanlanda's brother , All based on TNGA Platform to build , Size is 5015mm/1930mm/1750mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm. aesthetic , Crown Lufang directly applies the American version of hanlanda XSE Model design , Especially the large-size lower grille , Match with sharp headlights , Looks more wild than hannanda . Crown is adopted in China open logo Replaced the Tauren , And the light blue background shows the mixed identity . There is little difference between the side and hanlanda , A large spoiler is added at the rear of the car , Replace the more dynamic rear bar design .

interiors , The central control design of the crown land release is basically the same as that of the new generation hanlanda , This is also the consistent practice of the dual vehicle strategy , The biggest difference is that the steering wheel mark of the crown land is also the crown mark , And the color matching will be bolder . Crown Lufang provides 5 Seat and 2+3+2 Of 7 Seat selection , Details optimized , More human .

motivation , Crown Lu Fang uses 2.5L A hybrid system composed of naturally aspirated engine and motor , among 2.5L The maximum power of the engine 192 horsepower , Peak torque 238 cattle · rice , matching E-CVT transmission . The front drive models are equipped with 134kW Motor , The 4WD version adds a... On the rear axle 40kW Drive motor .

WEY Macchiatto

The Great Wall's exploration in the field of new energy in recent years has seen a harvest , Whether it's Euler series or WEY mocha , It has a high degree of recognition at the consumer level , Especially the research and development of lemon platform , Let everyone see the determination to make progress independently . Macchiato is another coffee series after Mocha .

Macchiato is positioned as a compact SUV, The body size is 4520/1855/1665mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm. As the second product in the coffee series , The same design style is adopted in the design , In particular, large hexagonal medium net and three vertical bar type daytime running lights , Highly recognizable . The side and rear of the car body are very interesting WEY The shadow of brand models , Including the rising waist line and the slightly falling roof arc to create a dynamic shape similar to the car running .

interiors , Macchiato didn't directly copy the Mocha design , It's an asymmetric design , Officially known as the dome of wisdom modeling , In line with young consumers' pursuit of personalized design . Like the new style of two spoke steering wheel 、 All LCD instrument panel and electronic handle are Mocha “ Same paragraph ”.

motivation , Macchiato is made of self-made lemon DHT dynamic system , among 1.5L Maximum power of naturally aspirated engine 95 horsepower , Comprehensive power of the system 192 horsepower , Peak torque 370 cattle · rice . Match the two speed direct drive of the engine DHT transmission , There will be no power interruption during gear shifting , As smooth as a pure tram , The comprehensive fuel consumption is only 4.7L/100KM.

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