Is the public really wrong?

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public really wrong

Once the north and South masses had unlimited scenery , magotan 、 Explore the mountain 、 passat 、 View of path 、 Langyi is enough to break into the market segment 5, But with Toyota 、 The improvement of Honda's attainments in dual car strategy , Volkswagen has only brand aura left .

Old models encounter setbacks

However, the rapid development of joint venture brands such as Honda and Toyota is only an external worry , The real problem is the internal problems of the public , Word of mouth collapse caused by quality problems . According to the complaint data of vehicle quality network in recent one year , faw - The public occupies the top three , One of them was FAW - The exploration of Volkswagen's sales pillar , From before stable monthly sales 10 To complaint No 1, What happened ?

From the owner's real car reflection , Most of it is because the engine is designed to comply with national VI b Upgrade due to emissions , Install particle catcher , The particle catcher is blocked due to poor technology . Thus causing the majority of car owners to double their fuel consumption 、 Acceleration weakness 、 A series of related faults such as gear shift setback and failure . Some car owners reported that the average fuel consumption 30L/100KM, There are even more to achieve 40.9L/100KM.

It has been more than a year since the problem broke out , The manufacturer has no real solution , Warm tips from customer service : Running at high speed can relieve congestion , Help reduce fuel consumption . When consumers buy a car, they want to use it for daily use, rather than buying a father to go home for , After a busy day's work , And take it to the high-speed corner .

Another way is to fill 98 Number of gasoline , Call the good guy , Everyone is a flower 20 Let's buy a car , The car experience of tanyue car owners is more . Of course you can 95 Number of gasoline , But the manufacturer's answer goes back to the first scheme .

The second and third place in the complaint list are due to the problem of gearbox , And cause a large number of complaints from consumers .

The pre cooling of the new car climbs slowly

From the action of Volkswagen in the past year , Whether it is SAIC Volkswagen through “ To strengthen ” passat A column 、 Lingdu officially replaced 、 Tu'ang and Passat successively changed their models , faw - The public CC New generation plus push hunting and running version 、 New medium and large SUV Overseas listing , still 6 The rapid layout of the new energy vehicle market in recent months , The public wants to recover “ Lost land ” The performance of the .

But many times it is the wishful thinking of Volkswagen , Or overestimate the product power , For example, the new medium and large-scale automobile launched by SAIC Volkswagen MPV Wei Ran , Medium and high-end positioning sniper Buick GL8. However, Weiran's sales in the first half of the year were only 4257 car , Honda Odyssey 、 Alison et al MPV One month's sales .

Misjudge the new energy market

On the other hand , Volkswagen listed at the beginning of the year ID.4 The twins are here, too 6 The sales of new energy vehicles in June were both missing , Not to mention recently listed ID.6 了 .

Think back to the Volkswagen brand CEO Ralph · Brantast (Ralf Brandsttter) It has been revealed that , The goal of Volkswagen Group is to 2025 year , Produce... Every year 150 Ten thousand electric cars , among ID.4 It accounts for about one third of the total output , That is, it is sold all over the world every year 50 Thousands of cars ID.4. before , Volkswagen had expected this year ID.4 Sales of 10 Thousands of cars .

What's more interesting is that , According to the statistics of the passenger Association , At home ID.4 Shuangxiong in 3 Since launch in ,3~6 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 6463 car , among 6 Monthly sales volume is 2902 car , Chain ratio 5 Monthly increase 90.0%, But compared to Tesla Model 3 perhaps Model Y There are still sales 10 Times the gap , It is such a car that is unknown in the Chinese market , Sales in Europe are close to one month. 8000 Car success .

This side reflects the fierce competition in the domestic new energy vehicle market, which is not comparable to the European market , As compact SUV, The public ID.4 With 20 The price of more than 10000 yuan is mixed with the intensive of models at this level 15 Wan range , The advantage is not big . And Tesla at the same price Model Y, Competitors' brand strength and size advantages will certainly make consumers abandon the public ID.4 The idea of .

Take a long line to catch big fish

But the master thought , Judging the success or failure of a car enterprise is not just a few months , It's not a year or two to make a rash assertion , It needs long-term and actual data support , Can be analyzed to a certain extent .

The public's investment in electrification is also rare in the industry , Soldiers and horses go before straw and grain , Volkswagen has invested more than in China 300 One hundred million yuan , Build SAIC Volkswagen and FAW - Volkswagen's two are specially built for new energy vehicles MEB factory . The total capacity planned in the initial stage has exceeded 100 Thousands of cars , Far more than Wei Xiaoli and other new forces who make cars at the head .

Bowing without turning back , The public has not fully understood the Chinese market , Launched without being prepared for market research ID.4, Underestimated the strength of China's local new energy brand models , I didn't expect the independent brand to be electrified 、 Networking and intelligence go faster and farther . But Volkswagen's strength is still there , A test drive ID.4 My colleagues praised his driving quality , Sales are also climbing .

A temporary defeat does not mean that there is no chance of turnover , I believe that after Volkswagen makes full research on the market , Be able to formulate more appropriate guidance prices for subsequent new cars according to the actual situation , And adjustment ID.4 Terminal price , Make more consumers interested and then start .

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