GM's new 1.5T engine directly points to Honda l15b? Ford: it's agreed to play three cylinders together

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gm new 1.5t engine directly

1.5T The engine , It has always been a battleground for strategists , After all, for ordinary family cars ,1.5T The fuel consumption of the engine 、 The performance in power and other aspects is quite balanced , Besides, nowadays even luxury cars have to rely on 1.5T Engine survival , Its position can be imagined .

Present 1.5T camp , A hundred flowers bloom , More dependent on 1.5T Joint venture brand of engine , There are Honda 、 ford 、 buick / Chevrolet 、 modern / Kia et al . Not long ago , SAIC GM has released the eighth generation Ecotec new 1.5T The engine .

GM new 1.5T The engine

General purpose engine , In fact, the dynamic parameters are not bad , And this time the eighth generation is brand new 1.5T The engine , The maximum rated power range is up to 135kW-155kW, It is higher than the previous model 26%, The maximum torque range is 250N·m-270N·m, Better than the previous generation 8%, The fuel economy is better than that of the previous generation models 6%, In addition, the new engine NVH It's also improved .

Like many new engines , The machine 1.5T The engine also Support 48V Light mixed 、 Strong mixing and plug-in mixing systems , After all, hybrid is an irresistible trend in the future , Just look at the difference of hybrid forms .

As far as reliability or durability is concerned , In fact, there is no need to worry , General motors are guaranteed in this regard , The eighth generation is brand new 1.5T The engine passed 9 A durability test , The test lasted for 20372 Hours , The test mileage is nearly 500 Thousands of kilometers .

Again , This new one 1.5T The engine can be adapted to 9AT Gearbox and CVT transmission , That means 1.5T+9AT、1.5T+CVT Will become the main force of GM family cars .

Three cylinder engine “ It won't work ”?

It is worth mentioning that , As representatives of the American family, GM and Ford , He was a supporter of the three cylinder engine , For example, we are familiar with Ford 1.0T Three cylinder 、1.5T Three cylinder , Universal 1.0T Three cylinder 、1.3T Three cylinder , These three cylinder engines quickly covered general motors 、 On Ford's family car , This is obvious to all .

Small displacement three cylinder turbocharged engine , Maybe I'm more motivated 、 Low fuel consumption , But for some people , It is incomplete 、 Imperfect , It's just beautiful data .

We can't say that the three cylinder engine is good for nothing , for instance , For example, in Europe , Ford's three cylinder engine and three cylinder models , They all win awards and get soft hands . But in the domestic market , The acceptance of three cylinder engines is generally low , So there was it “ Buick yinglang returns to four cylinders ” A kind of phenomenon , Some models found that the three cylinders didn't work , It's just “ Stop loss in time ”.

At home , Consumers may not be so concerned about the power and fuel consumption of the three cylinder engine , All they want is an ordinary four cylinder , Even if the power is weaker 、 Conservative technology .

And GM's new 1.5T The engine , Also defected to the four cylinder engine camp , Although there are still some car companies in the market 1.5T Three cylinder , Such as auspicious 、 BMW 、 Ford etc. , But will they return to the four cylinders in the future ? There have always been similar problems :“ If fox changes to 1.5T Four cylinder , Will sales be better ?”

To make a long story short , Three cylinder engine is still difficult to gain a firm foothold in China , As long as there are four cylinder cars of the same level ( That is, there are four cylinder alternative models ), Then the three cylinder car will face great pressure .

1.5T The engine is getting more and more powerful

One thing for sure is , Whether independent or joint venture ,1.5T The engine power is stronger from generation to generation , GM's new 1.5T The engine , The maximum rated power is also higher than that of the previous generation 26%.

Take the joint venture brand as an example , Honda 1.5T The maximum power of the engine has reached 194 horsepower , modern 1.5T The engine has reached 200 horsepower , Nissan's new 1.5T Three cylinder engine , Even more so 204 horsepower , Even some 2.5L The engine is ashamed .

However , Consumers seem to be numb to the maximum horsepower of the engine , Because today's turbocharged engines , Basically, the data can be done very well , Instead, people pay attention to the actual driving feeling of the car and the performance of the whole car , A lot of people 、 Toyota models , The dynamic parameters are not bright , But still don't worry about sales .

Whether we hate or like , Small displacement 、 High horsepower will become a major trend in the future ,200 Horsepower is not 1.5T The limits of the engine , Future models , The power press will only get stronger and stronger .


although 1.5T The engine is now in its glory , But as the general trend changes ,1.5T Hybrid may become popular , Including light mixing 、 Ordinary hybrid and plug-in hybrid , On the other hand , With the help of the motor ,1.5T The model will have stronger power and smoother driving feeling , GM's new 1.5T The engine , In fact, it also represents the general direction of many brands .

stay 1.5T The four cylinder engine got “ reusing ” At the same time , Many self-priming engines are quietly exiting , Ten years later, all models can maintain the fuel version , How many more ?

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