Crown land price hard and hard luxury SUV? Netizen: does it smell good to buy XT6 and XC60?

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crown land price hard hard

Vaguely remember , This year, 4 During the Shanghai auto show, which opened in June , GAC Toyota's new Highlander and FAW Toyota's crown Lu Fang appeared on the same stage , Attract countless audiences . For now , The new Highlander is the first step , Already in 6 Official listing , Price range: 26.88-34.88 Ten thousand yuan , And sell together with the previous generation models . Now , Crown Lu Fang is also coming .

The pre-sale price of crown Lufang

recently , The pre-sale price of crown Lufang was exposed , The pre price range is 28-37 Ten thousand yuan . Crown luff is based on the American version of hannanda XSE Model building , So in the front face 、 The design of surrounding places has more visual impact , The style is different from the new Highlander , And the crown LOGO Blessing , It also makes crown Lu Fang's temperament different . in general , In appearance, the two brothers have their own merits .

Dynamic part , Crown Lufang will carry 2.5L Hybrid system , among 2.5L Maximum engine power 192 horsepower , Peak torque 238N·m, matching E-CVT transmission , in other words , In the future, the crown land release will be a full range of hybrid . On the other hand, hannanda's side , Although the new model is 2.5L Hybrid version , But because two generations of models are sold together , So consumers can still choose 2.0T Version of the old model .

On the price “ Strategy ”

According to the general rule , Even twins , There will also be differences in price , I believe that crown Luffy and the new Highlander are the same . It is worth noting that , Hanlanda is the benchmark of its market segment , Has a solid foundation of public praise , Its strong selling price and excellent sales performance are also obvious to all , Just because hanlanda has not moved like a mountain , So the back crown Lu Fang should reflect his own differences .

Have to say , Toyota is still very smart , Crown Lu first put his name “ Inherit ” The reputation of the crown , The image of the whole vehicle gives consumers a good impression , Then it adopts a different modeling style from the new Highlander , This gives consumers the second point they need —— feeling of freshness . And now the most suspense , It is the official listing guide price of crown Lufang , Refer to the new Highlander 26.88-34.88 The price is ten thousand yuan , The starting price of crown land and the guide price of top equipped models , It's estimated to be higher than the new Highlander .

In configuration , Crown luff will also be different from the new Highlander , After all, configuration itself is a key point to reflect the price difference . But to be sure , The arrival of crown Lu Fang , Will take away part of the cake that originally belonged to the new Highlander , This is inevitable , It's hannanda who has a good reputation , Or choose a different style of crown Lu Fang , I believe it is also a difficult problem in the hearts of consumers .

medium 、 Medium large scale SUV The market is impacted

The arrival of new Highlander and crown luff , It will certainly make the joint venture 、 Medium large scale SUV The market is dark and rough . In recent years, Japanese cars have gained momentum , The influence of Toyota brand in China is also growing , Under the halo of Toyota , highlander 、 Crown Lu Fang won at the starting line first , Competitive products of other brands at the same price , Will also face no small pressure .

The first is tuang and Lanjing under Dazhong , These two can be said to be strong players , The main price range is 30-40 All level , It's a new car , Long term sales have not yet , So let's leave it alone , There is no doubt about tuang's popularity , Tuang or hanlanda / Crown Lu Fang , Undoubtedly, it is also a tangled point . It is worth mentioning that , Lan Jing and tu'ang are medium and large SUV, The advantage at the level is not bad .

The second is Buick anko banner 、 Ford explorers and other second echelons led by the American Department , Some of them are combined with discounts , It has become what everyone calls “ Really fragrant car ”. But over time , Instead, consumers pay more attention to the value of the model itself , As long as the product force is in place , Even if there is no discount , There are also people lining up to buy , This is particularly reflected in Japanese cars . therefore , New Highlander / Crown Lu Fang will be very “ Hard air ”.

Yes 30-40 10000 luxury SUV Influence

buy SUV If your budget goes 30 All the above , Then there must be a lot of models in the luxury camp , Especially in 30-40 In the 10000 yuan range , Cadillac after discount XT6、 Volvo XC60 And other models are very attractive , They are not only brand strong , The size of the model is not small , Practicality and cost performance are commendable , The temptation of luxury brands is not small at any time .

Yes, of course , The later maintenance and repair costs of luxury cars will be higher , And the hedging rate may not be ideal ; But these aspects are exactly the advantages of the new Highlander and crown Luffa , They are equipped with a hybrid system , It has advantages in fuel economy , And there is no need to worry about the hedging rate of the model , These late advantages look exciting , Not everyone pursues luxury brands so much .


Obviously , Whether it's new Highlander or crown luffer , All in “ Go up ”, It can be said that one of their feet has entered luxury SUV Territory of , This makes us more tangled as consumers . Last , We have to wait for the official listing of crown Lufang and the price announcement , If you have a budget of more than 300000 , Will you choose the new Highlander or crown luffer ?

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