The new ELFA rendering is exposed and will appear in the second half of 2022

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new elfa rendering exposed appear

In recent days, , A new generation of Toyota ELFA is expected to 2022 It appeared in the second half of the year . The new car will be a new generation , New exterior and interior design will be adopted , And further improve the comfort of rear passengers .

aesthetic , The new car adopts a new design language , Compared with the current model, the front face of the new car is more domineering , Basically overturned the design language of cash ELFA . The side of the body is still traditional MPV modelling , But the line outline is more atmospheric than the current model . besides , The new car also uses a suspended roof design , It looks more flexible than the current model .

The rear part , From the picture, the new car is expected to be equipped with a new lamp set , The overall shape is more simple and capable . The layering inside the lamp cavity will also be more beautiful . Not only that, the new ELFA will also comprehensively upgrade the interior , More advanced dressing 、 Intelligent vehicle engine system , To replace the existing old car machine , The classic six seat layout is still preserved , But in terms of comfort, it has been significantly improved .

In terms of power, it will still provide hybrid and ordinary fuel versions . The hybrid version is expected to continue to carry 2.5 Hybrid engine , The fuel version will be replaced with a new 2.4T Turbocharged engine , To replace cash 3.5L V6 engine .

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