Kia launched a modified surfer named soul ev

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kia launched modified surfer named

In recent days, , Kia launches a new concept car , Name it Soul EV. It is reported that , The car is designed for surfers , The naming method is based on 8 month 11 solstice 15 The British surfing and music festival held on the coast of Cornwall was named .

aesthetic , The new car has new plastic fenders , The roof frame is made of new light steel , In addition, the roof is also equipped with Lazer ST4 Evolution LED Spotlight with white graphic Neptune Blue Metallic . To make surfing easier , Two more can be placed on the roof of a new car Tahe Bic Malibu Surf board , And put a lot of equipment in the loading area . The top is also equipped with solar panels that can power mini refrigerators or other appliances . interiors , New car is equipped with 10.25 Inch central control screen and 10 Speaker Harman Caton sound system .

Under the vehicle , The car is equipped with a set of 16 Inch steel wheel , matching 265/75 R16 Maxxis Bighorn tire , The suspension is also optimized , The front ground clearance is 310 mm (12.2 Inch ), The rear ground clearance is 320 mm (12.6 Inch ), Compared with the original car 153 mm (6 Inch ) There has been an increase in . In terms of power, the car uses front wheel drive .

motivation , The new car will carry maximum power 150 kw , Peak torque 395 cattle · Meter's motor . Battery , The new car is equipped with 64kWh Power battery pack . Endurance , The comprehensive range of the car is expected to reach 475km about , Its battery power ranges from 30% Charge to 80% The fast charging time is 75 minute .

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