Audi skysphere concept car officially released

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audi skysphere concept car officially

In recent days, , A new concept car related to Audi's future new car design direction skysphere Official release , It locates a double door GT Class electric convertible , Advanced design language is adopted , It integrates Audi's cutting-edge automatic driving technology , And scientific and technological configuration , In the future, it will be a reference for Audi's pure electric vehicle and even the design language .

aesthetic , The whole new car adopts the beautiful shape of long head and short rear suspension , The front of the car uses a matrix light belt with a long and narrow LED Headlights , Because there is no need to design the air inlet, the front of the car looks more full and round , With a shiny Audi LOGO Make the front faster , At the same time, it also uses the lamp group change design that Audi is always proud of , It can present different headlamp group illumination patterns when starting and turning off .

And in the tail shape , The new car has an aerodynamic design , Use a lot of streamline and cavity design , Both reduce the drag coefficient and provide better range performance , At the same time, the tail also adopts the tail lamp group style echoing with the front of the vehicle , The dot matrix light group is very sci-fi .

audi skysphere The concept car adopts variable wheelbase technology , The wheelbase will switch between long and short with the selection of mode ,Sports In mode , The vehicle wheelbase is shortened , Become the conductor 4.94 M's electric sports car , The new rear wheel steering function makes the body more responsive , Stronger handling attributes . And in the Grand Touring In mode , The body will become longer 5.19 m GT models , And provide automatic driving assistance system , Bring a more comfortable commuting experience .

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