The official picture of the new domestic BMW ix3 will be released soon

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official picture new domestic bmw

recently , BMW officially released its new iX3 The official figure . It is reported that , The new car will be officially launched in the world at this year's Munich Auto Show , And will be 9 Realize domestic production in January . There have been reports , The new car is the first to carry the fifth generation BMW eDrive A technical model , Its WLTP Comprehensive endurance is within reach 460 km .

before , Domestic mid-term modified BMW X3 It's officially on the market , And new iX3 Also the continuation of the X3 New design language , The new car uses a larger enclosed “ Double kidney ” A grille , The outer contour molding also turns silver . The headlight shape becomes more flat , It's very sharp . The shape of the insurance has also been significantly adjusted , The position of the air inlet is changed into a double-layer shape , The trims on both sides become more sharp , At the same time, the blue trim is integrated . The overall front design becomes more aggressive , It can better cater to the aesthetics of young people . in addition , The new car will also be equipped with a new 3D LED Tail lights , And equipped with a unique BMW i Blue Body decoration .

interiors , New car changes are also similar to BMW X3 be similar , Equipped with a double 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument and suspended central control screen . The new car's gear handle has also been redesigned , Including the start button, blue elements are also added . in addition , The new car is also equipped with a new Sensatec Perforated padded sports seats , Further improve ride comfort .

motivation , The new car will continue to be equipped with rear axle single motor , The maximum power is 286 horsepower , Peak torque 400 Newton meters , The official new car 0-100km/h Acceleration time is 6.8 second . In terms of endurance , The new car is equipped with a capacity of 80kWh The battery pack ,WLTP The range can reach... Under working conditions 460 km . At the same time, the new car also supports 150 KW DC fast charging function ,10 Minutes can be increased WLTP Working condition 100 The endurance of the kilometer .

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