BMW M3 travel spy exposure

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bmw m3 travel spy exposure

Not long ago, BMW launched a new generation M3 as well as M4 models , At the same time, with its cool appearance and stronger power, it has attracted enough consumers all over the world . however , BMW is also developing its M3 Travel version of , And come with RS4 And Mercedes Benz E63 Station wagon performance against . This also satisfies a big dream of BMW fans for performance station wagon , Travel version M3 The same powertrain will be used , carrying xDrive All-wheel-drive system .

aesthetic , The overall design of the new car will be the same as the cash M3 Keep a high degree of consistency , Oversized wheels with high-performance brake calipers , And performance tires ensure the powerful performance of this station wagon . The vertical contour at the rear also ensures the perfect body contour of the station wagon .

The new BMW M3 The travel version is expected to be in 2022 year 11 Production begins in , And in the 2022 Delivered to customers at the end of the year , However, it may be released in advance , After all, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce , To seize the market first is the king's way . motivation , The new car will use 3.0T Twin turbocharged engines , It is expected to have more than 500 horsepower , as well as 650N·m Torque performance , Have 4 The ability to break a hundred seconds up and down . matching 8AT transmission , And switchable 4WD / Back drive xDrive System .

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