Continuation of overseas version design and exposure of declaration drawing of new Honda Odyssey

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continuation overseas version design exposure

In recent days, , Che La obtained a group of application drawings of the new GAC Honda Odyssey from the Internet channel . From the picture , The appearance design of the new car is basically consistent with the Odyssey released overseas last year , Compared with the current model, it is more stable .

aesthetic , Although the overall design style of the new model is still the current Odyssey , But there are many changes in details . The interior lamp set of the new car's headlights has been redesigned , It's more refined . The design change of the grille in the center of the front is more obvious , Hexagonal shape is adopted , The top thick chrome trim becomes more slender . The integral grille is no longer connected to the lower vent , The shape of the bumper has also been significantly adjusted , The overall style is somewhat similar to the new generation Civic , Appear more calm and introverted .

The new car in the picture is equipped with a new multi spoke rim , And the blackened five spoke rim also appears in the declaration picture , Further enhance the refinement of the whole vehicle . The rear side , The new car adopts a new tail lamp design , Compared with the current model, the shape is more straight , A penetrating chrome plated trim strip is added in the center of the tail lamp . The bumper shape is also slightly adjusted , Cancel the design of some edges and corners , Make the rear of the new car appear cleaner and simpler .

motivation , From the rear e:HEV The logo can tell that the new car will carry 2.0L Hybrid power system composed of engine and motor , It is expected that the parameters will be consistent with the current hybrid models . For Odyssey's positioning of home MPV For the model , Smooth power performance and excellent fuel economy , Still the biggest selling point of this power system .

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