Optional electric tail Changan uni-v declaration drawing exposure

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optional electric tail changan uni-v

In recent days, , Che La obtained a group of Chang'an from the network channel UNI Pictures declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the first car model of the series , As report goes , The new car is likely to be named UNI-V. As the first car in the series , The new car continues the first two SUV Design style of , But it also has its own unique elements . It is reported that , The new car is expected to be officially unveiled at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show .

aesthetic , New car adopted UNI Series family style borderless grid design , Compare the two SUV models , The grille design of the new car is more flat , The whole is still very avant-garde and has a sense of science and Technology . The new car's headlights are long, narrow and sharp , The bumper position is designed with V Shaped chrome trim , Sharp trim shapes on both sides , Highlights the sportiness of the new car .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4680/1838/1430mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm. The side of the body adopts an elegant sliding back design , The design of double waist line is matched with rising triangular window and multi spoke rim , Further enhance the sports atmosphere of the whole vehicle . And in the rear of the , The new car adopts a through tail lamp design , And optional lifting electric tail , This configuration is still very rare in this level of models , I believe it will be favored by young consumers . in addition , The new car has a similar design at the bottom of the rear F1 The central warning light of the car , And use the exhaust layout of double side and double outlet .

interiors , Previously, the media exposed spy photos of the interior of the new car , From the picture , Interior design and design of new car UNI-T Very similar , Duplex screen 、 The suspended air conditioning control buttons are familiar . But the vehicle in the picture is still in the test stage , The interior design of the mass production model has yet to be officially announced .

motivation , New cars will carry 1.5T The engine , The maximum power is increased to 138 kw , Is expected to match 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . in addition , Earlier, it was reported that the new car is expected to carry Chang'an blue whale iDD Hybrid system , To make the new car have better fuel consumption performance .

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