The new Mercedes Benz class a spy photo was exposed

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new mercedes benz class spy

At present, the smallest model of Mercedes Benz is Mercedes Benz A level , The domestic version of the new car is 2018 Launched in, so far, there has been no replacement and modification , Although it is said that the product strength is still very good at the same level , But there is also an urgent need to replace new models . Because the sense of technology and configuration of the interior have fallen behind , So this update will ensure a new Mercedes Benz in the next few years A Level of competitive strength , Recently, spy photos of the test car were exposed , The appearance is not covered much , So it won't change much .

The main changes in the appearance of the new car focus on the shape of the bumper and lights , It is expected that the bumper design similar to the latest model of Mercedes Benz will be adopted , Change into a new style LED Headlights , Make the front look more fashionable , besides , The side of the new car hasn't changed much , So there will be no change in space .

And in the back of the car , The cover is also concentrated on the tail lamp and the lower bumper , So these two places will also be changed , For details, please refer to the new Mercedes Benz S and E level , It is expected that long, narrow and flat tail lamp groups will be used . motivation , After the new car is made in China, it is likely to use Geely's engine , With light mixing system .

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