The new Mercedes Benz GLC spy photo was exposed for the first time

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new mercedes benz glc spy

With Mercedes Benz ushering in the new year of product replacement , Its flagship model S Level and E The level has also been replaced one after another , At the same time, the new Mercedes Benz C The grade is also on the way to change . and SUV The new cars of the series lineup are also under test , Including the brand new GLA And GLC level , Recently, foreign media photographed the new Mercedes Benz GLC The latest spy photos of class .

The new car will be new C Level similar design language , The overall highlight is the lengthened wheelbase , So it brings better spatial performance , At the same time, the design is more avant-garde and fashionable . Front of the car , It can be seen that the shield shaped air inlet grille is adopted , And a more aggressive look LED Headlights , A new interior lamp set design and daytime running lamp style are installed . The effect after lighting is very avant-garde .

In the tail , The test vehicle uses the tail lamp shape of the final mass production version , Compared with the current model, it is more narrow, long and low , It is expected to be similar to the tail shape of the previous Mercedes Benz new car . besides , The new car's mirrors are from A The column moved to the door panel , More novel in design . motivation , The new car will continue to use the cash power combination , Include 2.0T and 1.5T The engine , At the same time with 48 Volt light mixing technology , matching 9 Automatic gearbox , High configuration models improve work and Mercedes Benz 4matic All-wheel-drive system .

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