Messi left Barcelona to join the Jaguar racing team

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messi left barcelona join jaguar

Recently, famous Argentine star Lionel Messi officially left Barcelona , When everyone guesses his next owner , However, Jaguar, which is separated from other industries, announced that Messi will join Jaguar's racing team . In the future, I will participate in the FIA electric formula World Championship , That is to say, with F1 An electric formula event of the same level in the world , But Messi's ball will continue to play , But driving a car must be certain !

FE FIA electric formula championship , It's an open event , All racing cars must be powered by electricity .FE Racing from 0km/h Speed up to 100km/h Only 3 second , The limit speed has reached 220km/h, Therefore, the technical requirements for drivers are particularly strict , It's not a casual event , meanwhile FE Combined with the most advanced electric power transmission technology , It is really zero emission 、 Environmentally friendly , Let the history of car racing be completely changed , In the future, it may also become a mainstream racing sport .

Related messages indicate , Messi will be Formula E Jaguar team's backup driver , Normal participation in systematic event training , So that we can participate in the competition at the critical moment , The game of the new season will be in 2022 year 1 month 28 Day opening , And in the future, we will also go to China for sub station competition .

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