Harvard M6 plus is sold for 71900 yuan. The space is spacious. It's not blowing or black. Tell me if it's worth buying

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harvard m6 sold yuan. yuan

Cars come into life , Choose the car that suits you best .

hello , Hello everyone , I'm Hongtao. I said the car .

Some people buy cars and look at the brand , Some people pay attention to performance when buying a car , But for most of our families , Pay more attention to economic benefits , And today we want to talk about the protagonist's price is very close to the people , Sales and popularity are relatively high , It's the Great Wall, Harvard M6 PLUS, Many netizens said they would include it in the pre selection target , I just don't know this SUV What are the advantages and disadvantages , The red waves below don't blow or black , Just be fair 、 Evaluate Harvard objectively M6 PLUS, See if it's worth buying ?

The harvard M6 It's actually the old Haval H6 Shell changing products , The harvard M6 PLUS It is M6 The new model of , Although built from the old platform , But I have to say that its price is very grounded ,2021 With the harvard M6 PLUS The guiding price of is 7.19-9.29 Ten thousand yuan , at present 4S In the store 5000 A discount of about RMB ( Different regions , There are differences in preferential intensity ), The actual transaction price highlights the high cost performance , Because of this price, most of what we can buy are small SUV, The harvard M6 PLUS But the mainstream compact SUV.

The appearance is not particularly handsome , But at the same price SUV It already belongs to the comparative atmosphere 、 A good looking player ! The front face is adopted U Zigzag grid , The interior filling is exquisite , It is combined with the headlights on both sides through chrome trim strip , It also widens the visual effect , And the interior of the lamp group is equipped with a lens , Used LED The light source , Improved night driving safety .

The harvard M6 PLUS The length, width and height are respectively 4664*1830*1729mm, The wheelbase is 2680mm, Although not a big man , Available at the same price SUV Such a size already has an advantage , No matter where it is parked, it has a certain sense of existence , The rising waistline of the body adds a sense of strength , However, the design of the old suspended roof is cancelled , I feel that some characteristics are missing .

The harvard M6 PLUS At first glance, it looks like the third generation of Harvard H6, It also adopts the popular through tail lamp , Bright red LED When the light source is lit, it is very attractive , Black surround at the bottom , Chrome plated trim strips are also used for embellishment , But the exhaust funnel is hidden under the car , A little low-key , It's not as good as the old one side exposed thick exhaust funnel. It looks powerful .

Our Chinese family , Most of them have only one car , And there are more opportunities for the whole family to travel together , So many people pay attention to space when choosing cars , Thanks to the good length and wheelbase , The harvard M6 PLUS The space performance is satisfactory !

height 1.76 Meters of passengers sit in the back , Plenty of overhead space , Leg space is also very spacious , And there is no bulge in the middle of the floor , It ensures good ride comfort , The trunk is big enough , Just pack your daily luggage , The practicability is enhanced after the rear seats are put down , But it's a pity that the seat can't be flat when it's down .

The harvard M6 PLUS This set of interior decoration is much better than the old one , At least the atmosphere will not be dull 、 It's too plain , Soft material covering or leather wrapping is used where it is often touched , An appropriate amount of chrome plated trim is also used , There is plenty of storage space in the front row , mobile phone 、 Water cups, paper towels and other commonly used things , It's easy to find a suitable storage location , But the design of the suspended central control screen is not perfect , The straight pestle is a little abrupt there .

The harvard M6 PLUS The overall configuration level of is not very high , But the configuration is not poor , Most of the functions we care about are not absent , The entry-level elite model is equipped with the main and co driver's seat airbags 、 Tire pressure display 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Reversing image 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Keyless start 、 Plastic multifunction steering wheel 、10.25 Inch touch LCD screen 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Air outlet of rear air conditioner, etc .

To the Chinese luxury , Added reversing radar 、 Cruise control 、 Driving mode switch 、 Power sunroof 、 Keyless entry 、 Leather multifunction steering wheel with gear shift 、 Imitation leather seats , High profile noble edition has 360 Degree panoramic image 、12.3 Inch touch LCD, etc .

Dynamic part , It is equipped with the four cylinder that was earlier than the Great Wall 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower is 150 horse , The maximum torque is 210 cattle · rice , Due to its large size 、 The body is heavy and the engine is not advanced , The power is weak at low speed , Especially in the case of stop and go congestion, the road condition is more obvious , Fortunately, the explosive force is OK after the speed increases , More than enough to meet the needs of the family , Matching 6 The manual transmission has a smooth feel , It's just that the way you shift into reverse gear needs to be adapted , And automatic is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , Shift actively and smoothly , However, there will be a slight setback during low-speed downshift and oil collection .

Some people on the Internet say that Harvard M6 PLUS It's the oil tiger , ha-ha , I don't quite agree with that , The measured average fuel consumption per 100 km is 8.5-10L Between , For such a compact size and vehicle weight SUV Come on , It's really not fuel-efficient enough , But the fuel consumption is a little high , It's not a special fuel consumption , The chassis adopts the front McPherson 、 Rear double crossarm independent suspension , The adjustment has some solid and steady feeling , It's just that the tire noise is too loud , The speed exceeds 90 after , The rear passengers will feel the wind noise is a little loud , In addition, the flexibility of the vehicle cannot be compared with that of the car .

in general , The harvard M6 PLUS Although there are some shortcomings , But at the same price SUV In the model , It's still very competitive , The budget for car purchase is not enough , Want another big space SUV To a friend , I think it's worth buying .

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