Handsome appearance, equipped with 1.4T engine, experience Volkswagen Sagitar 280tsi DSG surpassing version

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handsome appearance equipped 1.4t engine

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Speaking of joint ventures A+ Class sedan , I have to mention Volkswagen Sagitar , The sales performance in the same level is very eye-catching , The reason why it can be recognized by the majority of consumers , In addition to the strong brand appeal of the public , There must be something to like , Today, let's experience 2021 Style VW Speedo 280TSI DSG Beyond version , See how powerful it is ?

First of all, the appearance design of Sagitar can meet the aesthetic needs of mass consumers , It is suitable for all ages , Young people buy a white car and drive out very handsome , And older or more conservative friends , Buying a black or gray car also has a certain sense of composure , The air inlet grille on the front face covers both sides with chrome plated trim strips LED Headlight connection , Widened the visual effect .

The length, width and height of Sagittarius are 4753*1800*1462mm, Wheelbase reached 2731mm, Facing Toyota Corolla 、 Nissan's new Xuanyi such a mainstream compact car , It looks more existential , The body is simple and solid , The strong waistline is the consistent design method of the public , and 280TSI DSG Beyond the version equipped with 17 Inch polished wheel hub is very textured .

The small duck tail adds a sense of fashion , Bright red tail lights are also used LED The light source , And it looks exquisite when lit , But Suteng's exhaust funnel is hidden under the car , A little low-key , If you could have an exposed bilateral exhaust , It will certainly be more popular with young people .

The interior is simple and durable , The centre console leans slightly to the driver's side , Various functions are easy to operate , Many soft material covers and leather packages are used in the places often touched in the carriage , There is no problem with the assembly process , The flat bottomed sports multifunctional leather steering wheel is of moderate size , Comfortable grip ,280TSI DSG Beyond version 8 Inch LCD instrument , You can add money to 10.3 " , Touch LCD is also 8 " , It can be optionally 9.2 " .

configuration ,280TSI DSG The overtaking version has a reversing radar 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Driving mode switch 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Openable panoramic skylight 、 Keyless entry and start 、 Leather seats 、 Support CarPlay and CarLife interconnection 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、10 Light color atmosphere 、 Air outlet of rear air conditioner , But it's manual air conditioning , If you want an automatic air conditioner, you can also add money .

Security configuration can be reassuring , Equipped with air bag for the driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Front side balloon 、 Front rear head air curtain 、 Knee airbag 、 Tire pressure alarm 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Fatigue driving tips, etc .

Thanks to the good length and wheelbase , The rear space performance of Sagitar is satisfactory , Head and legs , There will be no crowding or depression , But the bulge in the middle of the floor is too high , The middle passenger's feet don't know which side to put , The cushion is also a little shorter , There is a slight lack of support for the thigh , Reduced ride comfort .

280TSI DSG The beyond version is equipped with 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower is 150 horse , The maximum torque is 250 cattle · rice , Actually, the turbine started earlier , Very good acceleration performance , Stepping on the accelerator deeply has a certain explosive force , Matching 7 The gear shift of dry dual clutch transmission is active , Just in a congested road , There will be some setbacks when walking and stopping , Other times, the shift is very smooth .

The average fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is 6.5L-8.0L Between , Road conditions and driving habits are different , Everyone's fuel consumption is different , Fuel economy is OK , It's the Volkswagen 1.4T The engine is recommended to add 95 Number of gasoline , Increased the cost of car maintenance in the later stage , The chassis adopts the front McPherson 、 Rear multi-link independent suspension , The adjustment has a solid and steady sense , The suspension supports the vehicle body well during rapid cornering and merging , It's steady at high speed , It can bring enough confidence to the driver , But the tire noise is a little louder .

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