Experience the BMW 5-series 525Li m sports suit version, with beautiful appearance, spacious space and good driving

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experience bmw 5-series series 525li

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Speaking of luxury cars , Mercedes E level 、 BMW 5 And Audi A6L, Have some excellent sales results , But their attractions are different , Such as the audi A6L There's a lot of incentives , When it comes to creating a luxurious atmosphere , That must be done well by Mercedes Benz , But for friends who like driving , Naturally, BMW, which is famous for its handling, is the most suitable , Today, let's experience BMW 5 system 525Li M Sportswear version , What is its strength ?

2021 BMW 5 system 525Li M Sportswear version , In terms of appearance, it is younger than the old model , But still maintain a certain calm atmosphere , Front face double kidney air intake grille and BMW Blue sky and white clouds logo , Make it highly recognizable , The interior of the headlights on both sides is spoon shaped “ The angel eyes ” Into a double “L” modelling , And BMW 7 The system is very similar , There is a difference between the lower front surround and the luxury suit version .

In terms of size , The length, width and height are reached 5106*1868*1500mm, Wheelbase reached 3105mm, No matter where such a figure is parked , All have a certain sense of existence , The strong waistline extends from the front fender to the rear of the car , This is also BMW's consistent design approach , Elongated the visual effect , It also improves the sense of power , and 525Li M The sportswear version is equipped with 245/45 R18 rim .

When the bright red three-dimensional tail lamp is lit, the effect is great , At the top left is the logo of brilliance BMW , I just don't know how many car owners will choose to cut it out later , The bottom is equipped with black enclosure and bilateral two-way exhaust , It further increases the breath of sports .

BMW 5 The interior of this series is not as good as Mercedes Benz E Class a luxury , But the materials and workmanship of the old model have been improved , And equipped with 12.3 Inch full LCD meter has good clarity ,12.3 Inch suspended central control screen is also good , The new car engine system has a better experience , In addition, the classic T-shaped multifunction steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Excellent grip , And the big chicken leg lever is also very likable .

although 525Li M The sport suit version is BMW 5 The entry-level model of the series , But front and rear parking radar 、 Reversing image 、 Multiple driving modes 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Power sunroof 、 Keyless start 、 Active closing of air intake grille 、 Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat 、CarPlay and CarLife interconnection 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、OTA upgrade 、11 Light color atmosphere 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Temperature zone control 、 In vehicle PM2.5 Filtering devices and so on are equipped , It's just like 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Sensing the rear compartment 、 Keyless entry 、 Remote start and other functions that are already common in ordinary brands , BMW 525Li M The sports suit version also needs to pay more for options to get .

The space performance is satisfactory , The back row is spacious both overhead and leg space , The front seats are well wrapped , The rear seats are thick , Softness is also OK , It can support the body and thigh well , Ensure ride comfort , But like other models of the same class , The middle of the rear floor bulges high , When fully loaded, the middle passenger's feet don't know which side to put .

Dynamic part , BMW 525Li M The sports suit version is equipped with low-power 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower is 184 horse , The maximum torque is 290 cattle · rice , Although not eye-catching in terms of parameters , But it's enough to drive as household power , Stepping on the accelerator deeply has a strong explosive force , But you have to be more motivated , Then you might as well consider 530Li models , Matching 8 The driver's intention is well understood by the automatic transmission of gear and hand , However, the low-speed lifting gear occasionally feels a little bumpy and dragging .

The chassis adopts front double fork arms 、 Rear multi-link independent suspension , Front and rear drive , They all say driving a BMW 、 Take a Mercedes , It means that Mercedes Benz is comfortable to sit , Driving a BMW is fun , And now BMW 5 The Department has made some compromises towards comfort , Not only are the seats softer than before , And the vibration filtering performance of the chassis is also very good , At the same time, it also maintains a certain degree of control .

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