Experience the BMW 3 series 320i sports suit version, equipped with 2.0T + 8at, with enough space and beautiful appearance

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experience bmw series 320i sports

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There is a great demand for luxury and medium-sized cars in our country , Mercedes Benz C level 、 BMW 3 Department and Audi A4L, The sales performance is very eye-catching , If you pay attention to cost-effective friends , So Audi A4L There's a lot of incentives , And Mercedes C Class is more luxurious , But if you like driving and handling , Naturally, I prefer BMW 3 More Department ! Today, let's experience 2021 paragraph Modification BMW 3 system 320i Sportswear version , See how powerful it is ?

although 320i The sport suit version is BMW 3 The entry-level model of the series , Not equipped with M Sports package , But the appearance is still beautiful , The front is flat and wide , Front face double kidney air intake grille and BMW Blue sky and white clouds logo , Make it highly recognizable , Full on both sides LED The headlights are narrow and sharp , There was something sharp in his eyes 、 fierce !

320i The length, width and height of the sports suit version are 4719*1827*1459mm, The wheelbase is 2851mm, Although the size is not as good as the long axis version , Can be a long head 、 The ratio of the short tail looks more harmonious , Equipped with 225/45 R18 Wheel rim , The multi spoke wheel hub is more textured .

The tail is concave convex , Also quite lenient , At the top left is the logo of brilliance BMW , I just don't know how many car owners will choose to cut it out later , ha-ha ,3D Three dimensional tail lights are very likable , Bright red LED When the light band is lit, it is very attractive , The bottom is equipped with exposed bilateral two-way exhaust , If the exhaust funnel could be thicker , The sense of movement will be stronger .

This interior is really not as good as Mercedes Benz C Class luxury , But compared with the previous generation of models, in terms of materials and workmanship , There has been a big improvement , At least it's better than cash Audi A4L The interior upholstery is better ,320i The sports suit version is not the classic T-shaped three spoke multi-functional steering wheel , But it was wrapped in leather , The grip is still good ,12.3 The picture of inch LCD instrument is clear and delicate , It can display rich vehicle information ,10.25 The inch suspension touch LCD screen has also been upgraded .

configuration , With front and rear parking radar 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Driving mode switch 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Power sunroof 、 Keyless start 、 Active closing of air intake grille 、 Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Support CarPlay and CarLife interconnection 、 Car networking 、OTA upgrade 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Independent air conditioning in the back row 、 In vehicle PM2.5 Filter, etc , Just keyless entry 、 Adaptive cruise and 360 Panoramic image, etc , You need extra money to get .

The security configuration is quite complete , Equipped with air bag for the driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Front side balloon 、 Front rear head air curtain 、 Passive pedestrian protection 、 Tire pressure display 、 A flat tire 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Fatigue driving tips, etc .

Many people worry about BMW 3 The space of the standard axis plate is too small , and 320i The back row of the sports suit version is certainly not as spacious as the long axis version , But it's not as far as we thought , The actual experience is at a sufficient level , The seats are thick , The cushion is also softer than the previous generation , It can support the body and thigh well , But it's comfortable for two people , But if there are three people in the back , The middle floor bulges too high , Affected some comfort .

320i The sports suit version is equipped with a low-power 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower is 156 horse , The maximum torque is 250 cattle · rice , To be honest, it's not eye-catching from the data , But it's no problem to meet the household after driving , Fairly good acceleration performance , Matching 8 The driver's intention is well understood by the automatic transmission of gear and hand , However, the low-speed lifting gear occasionally feels a sense of frustration and drag .

The chassis adopts front double ball joint spring damping strut , Rear multi-link independent suspension , Front and rear drive , Although the tuning style has made some compromises towards comfort , However, when cornering and merging, the support of the suspension to the body is in place , And the tail follow-up of the standard axis version is better than that of the long axis version , Plus the steering wheel pointing accurately , Still have good driving fun , If the car budget is sufficient , I would suggest that you consider 325 perhaps 330 edition , The power will obviously be much better .

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