The listing of Lingzhi plus travel version is RMB 99900-111900

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listing lingzhi travel version rmb

2021 year 8 month 11 Japan , Dongfeng Fengxing's medium and large enterprises MPV models —— Ling Zhi PLUS The travel model was officially launched . New cars were released 4 models ,9.99-11.19 Ten thousand yuan , The new car has been replaced with a brand new “ Lion label ”. carrying 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , with 6 Speed manual transmission . Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 9L.

1、 new “ Lion label ”

2、NVH Further optimization , The noise inside the car is reduced a lot .

3、LED Tail lights 、6 Different body colors are available , There are many optional accessories .

4、 The core components of the transmission are: 5 Years or 10 Ten thousand kilometers warranty .

New car launch 4 models , Price range: 9.99-11.19 Ten thousand yuan . policy , The replacement subsidy for new cars is extremely high 10000 element , Financial discount 3000 element . Later will be introduced CNG、 RV version , Further accelerate the popularity of Dongfeng from business MPV Brand to give consideration to household MPV Market transformation .

The appearance of the new car not only continues the atmosphere of Lingzhi family , It also makes people feel younger , At a glance, it is no longer just a working car , The appearance of the whole vehicle is full of “ Sculpture sense ”, There is a sense of dignity and luxury . Yes 6 Two body colors can be selected , Star shine black in the original color 、 On the basis of Pearl White , New spring breeze green 、 Xia Menglan 、 Autumn red 、 Holly pine four colors with four seasons as the theme , These four colors need 1000 Yuan optional fee .

The large air intake grille attracts attention , In addition to enhancing the sense of refinement , Crystal diamond eagle eye headlights make the car look very energetic , It is also more in line with MPV The mainstream design of the car .

The overall shape of the body side is still relatively simple , The straight lines make the vehicle more powerful . Body size , Ling Zhi PLUS The length, width and height of the travel version are 5140/1920/1920mm, The wheelbase is 3198mm, Reach medium and large scale MPV Size . Ling Zhi PLUS The rear window of travel version adopts privacy glass , Beautiful and classy , One piece design , High privacy . Of course, privacy glass needs to be optional , cost 2200 element , The opening of the side sliding door reaches 820mm, Peer leadership , Electric side sliding door is optional on the right side , cost 3000 element .

The overall square shape design of the rear of the car conforms to one MPV The feeling of the model . In terms of configuration , The rear underside is equipped with a reversing image and 4 A reversing radar , There is no need to worry about the difficulty of parking caused by the large car body .

The interior has been comprehensively upgraded , Simple and practical style , And black + Design of wood grain decoration , The sense of luxury comes up at once . Ling Zhi PLUS The travel version can be equipped with luxury yacht wood floor , cost 3000 element , Middle row swivel seat 2000 element .

The four multi-functional steering wheels are well designed , Excellent grip . Without too much fancy design , Practicality is the king , The multifunctional keys on both sides are designed reasonably and easy to use . Ling Zhi PLUS The travel version uses electric power , Parking is easy , Women can also easily control , And running at high speed will actively increase damping , More secure .

The instrument panel is of mechanical design , It is very convenient to observe when driving . The small LCD screen in the center can display driving data 、 Fuel consumption and other information . The central control is equipped with a 8 Inch full LCD screen , Resolution and UI Excellent design . The built-in operating system is very easy to use , Commonly used Bluetooth 、 Navigation and other functions .

Ling Zhi PLUS The air outlet of the rear air conditioner in the travel version is very large , Of course, such a big car should be equipped with more air outlets . Before the air conditioning knob is turned on , There is a... On the front panel REAR The tag , Remember to open it .

Seat layout , Ling Zhi PLUS Travel Edition offers 7 Seat and 9 A version , It also supports the optional seat of the middle row rotary seat , Optional cost 2000 element .

motivation , Ling Zhi PLUS Travel version is equipped with code DFMB20AQA Of 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , The maximum output power is 98kW(133Ps), Peak torque 200N·m, The thermal efficiency of the engine reaches 38.2%, And meet the national six emission standards ; The transmission system matches 6MT transmission , Key components 5 Years or 10 Ten thousand kilometers of Three Guarantees service .

The tradition of Lingzhi family is in Lingzhi PLUS It's passed down from the Travel Edition , The space is large 、 The seat is flexible 、 These characteristics of high cost performance make Lingzhi PLUS The travel edition is in 10 There is no opponent in the range of 10000 yuan . Flattering appearance, younger , Interior details have been improved , As a product targeting the medium and high-end market MPV, It's very worthwhile to start with .

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