The new BYD Tang EV has a range of 700 kilometers. What else is there?

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new byd tang ev range

recently , We from 《 Catalogue of recommended models for promotion and application of new energy vehicles 》(2021 In the first 7 batch ) learn , New BYD Tang EV Range increased significantly , Its NEDC The endurance reaches 700 Km and 615 km , Highest with cash models 565 Kilometers NEDC The endurance level has been greatly improved .

from 《 Catalog 》 We can see that ,700 The vehicle with a range of kilometers is a single motor version , and 615 Km range models are dual motor versions . Both models are equipped with BYD lithium iron phosphate battery blade battery , The energy density of the battery reaches 150Wh/kg.

From the previous declaration chart , The appearance change of the new Tang is not obvious , Basically used the cash design , Only the optional closed front face is available , Give consumers more choices .

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