The declaration information of SAIC Audi's second model was exposed as Audi Q5 e-tron

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declaration information saic audi second

The first model of SAIC Audi is Audi A7L, Now its second model has also been exposed , It's Audi Q5 e-tron. recently , SAIC Audi Q5 e-tron The application information is exposed on the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology , New car positioning: intermediate pure electric vehicle .

Although the tail of the new car says Q5 e-tron, But this car can be said to be similar to the fuel version Q5 Do not have what relation , It was released before the Shanghai Auto Show Audi Concept Shanghai Production version of the concept car , yes e-tron The family's new car , be based on MEB The platform was built .

The new car adopts a closed front face design , However, the outline of the front grille is still retained , It still looks like it has a nose and eyes . The headlights are of split design , On the whole, it's also pretty .

The new car is available in monochrome and two-color body , The design of multi-section waistline is more layered . The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4876 *1860*1675mm, The wheelbase is 2965mm, Provide 19 " 、20 Inch sum 21 Inch tire optional . Besides , The new car also offers different grilles 、 Rear bumper selection .

motivation , The new car offers improved service / Low power single motor rear drive and double motor four-wheel drive , The maximum motor power of the low-power version is 132kW(35 e-tron), The maximum power of high-power motor is 150kW(40 e-tron). The maximum power of the 4WD model is 80kW/150kW Dual motor (50 e-tron).

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