SAIC GM Wuling's annual cumulative sales exceeded one million! The annual cumulative sales volume of new energy increased by 788% year-on-year

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saic gm wuling annual cumulative

8 month 11 Japan , SAIC GM Wuling released sales express ,7 Overall monthly sales 123008 car ,1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 1007203 car , Year-on-year growth 33%, Ahead of last year 2 Achieve a million goals in a month !

GSEV The annual cumulative sales volume of series products increased year-on-year 788%

among 1-7 month ,GSEV( Global small pure electric vehicle architecture ) Actual sales of series products 216989 platform , Year-on-year growth 788%, Become the world's new energy passenger vehicle sales leader ;“ China's new energy vehicle popularity King ” Agatsuma MINIEV7 Monthly actual sales 30706 platform , Since its launch , continuity 11 In the last month, it ranked the top in China's new energy vehicle market .

The cumulative overseas export volume exceeds that of last year Year-on-year growth 98%

1-7 month , Overseas exports amounted to 87401 platform / set , Year-on-year growth 98%, More than last year's total exports , Realize another major breakthrough of Chinese auto enterprises under the overseas epidemic environment ; The fourth anniversary of SAIC GM Wuling Indonesia Automobile Co., Ltd , Cumulative sales 6.6 Ten thousand units , Stand out among many Chinese auto brands , from 0 To 3% Top the list of Chinese automobile brands in the Indonesian market , Become the most popular Chinese auto brand in Indonesia .

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