Audi skysphere concept car launches variable wheelbase / electric two door convertible

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audi skysphere concept car launches

2021 year 8 month 10 Japan , The first model of Audi brand new concept car —— audi skysphere Concept car debut , The new car is an electric two door convertible , Can be realized L4 Level autopilot 、 life 500 km , Variable wheelbase , The interior is very technical , See this concept car of Audi , I think , It will subvert most people's understanding of Technology 、 Knowledge of cars . Say its name again —— audi skysphere.

【 Hohsi 853】

audi skysphere The concept car is from its own legendary classic model —— Hohsi 853 Inspired by the convertible , Hohsi 853 Under the hood is a five liter in-line eight cylinder engine . And Audi skysphere The front axle and windshield of the concept car are mainly electric drive components .

Chargers and DC/DC converter , Actuators and variable wheelbase electronic and mechanical components . also , audi skysphere The trunk space of the concept car is designed to be more spacious , And two specially designed golf bags . audi skysphere The concept car is not only a tribute to the classic , At the same time, it is not bound by tradition .

audi skysphere Although the front of the concept car no longer needs heat dissipation mesh , But it still adopts the integrated grid design , Embedded with luminous three-dimensional four ring logo , The integrated grille and its left and right sides are supplemented by white LED It can realize functional effect and dynamic welcome pattern when the door is opened and closed . If wheelbase changes , The front and rear of the car LED The lamp will present a specially designed dynamic sequence , When changing the wheelbase and changing the driving mode from GT Switch to a Sports after , The light pattern will also change , Full of sense of technology .

audi skysphere The long front cabin and short front suspension of the concept vehicle form a coordinated body proportion . The styling design of the rear of the car , Combined with the consideration of wind resistance coefficient in wind tunnel test , Two for Audi skysphere The travel bag of the concept car is placed under the glass , Cross fixed by straps .

Digitally controlled LED The tail lights run across the rear of the car , Countless red LED The unit falls on the vertical rear surface like a ruby .

audi skysphere The interior of the concept car has been affected in many ways Art Deco Inspired by decorative art . When there is no need to operate the vehicle , The interior space becomes relaxed 、 Spacious private environment , The seats are comfortable and elegant , In driving mode , The side support and safety functions of the seat are still fully retained , The adjustable seat brings free range of motion and legroom like the first class of the aircraft . In terms of materials , Seats are made of a variety of sustainably produced materials , Such as microfiber fabric 、 Environmentally certified eucalyptus and synthetic leather .

When Audi skysphere The concept car starts the manual driving mode , The interior will be transformed into an ergonomic perfect cockpit , Together with chassis and body , The display panel on the instrument panel and the center console will also move backward . The driver can find all control elements including steering wheel and pedal in the most comfortable position .

The large touch screen display on the upper part of the instrument panel and center console is very exaggerated , wide 1415 mm , high 180 mm , Used to operate the vehicle and infotainment system . stay Grand Touring In mode , It can be used to display the Internet 、 Video conferencing or streaming movie content , meanwhile , The small touch panel on the door can also be used for air conditioning operation .

audi skysphere The concept car adopts variable wheelbase technology , Realization 25 Cm wheelbase and body length change .Sports In mode , The vehicle wheelbase is shortened , Become the conductor 4.94 M's electric sports car , The rear wheel steering function makes the body more responsive ; If you choose Grand Touring Pattern , The body will become longer 5.19 m GT models , And turn on autopilot mode , stay Grand Touring In mode , audi skysphere The steering wheel and pedals of the concept car can be hidden .

Users can upload photos of the beautiful scenery in and around the car through social media during driving , Share your travel experience with your friends . Outside the driving scene , audi skysphere The concept car can also do a good job in daily affairs , For example, automatically pick up passengers based on the user's location information , And complete parking and charging independently .

audi skysphere The concept car weighs only about 1800 kg , The motor on the rear axle is responsible for transmitting power to the wheels , The total output power is 465 kw , Torque for 750 cattle · rice , The acceleration time of 100 kilometers only needs 4 second . The battery capacity is expected to exceed 80 KWH , In a more economical and energy-saving GT In mode , audi skysphere The range of the concept car will exceed 500 km (WLTP).

audi skysphere The concept car is equipped with the latest adaptive air suspension of Audi brand , There are three independent air chambers , And some air chambers can be closed independently during rapid acceleration , When the vehicle is coasting , The wheels are selectively raised or lowered , To cope with the ups and downs of the road . audi skysphere Use of concept car 285/30 tire , With aerodynamic design 23 Inch alloy rim , Achieve minimum rolling resistance .

Audi plans to launch 3 A concept car , audi skysphere Concept car 、 audi grandsphere The concept car and will be on 2022 Audi launched in urbansphere Concept car . The Audi brand is creating a new driving experience , Far beyond the traditional point-to-point driving meaning , Even far beyond the driving experience itself . These three concept cars are L4 Autopilot ( In some specific road and traffic scenarios , The driver can delegate all driving tasks to the car , Without active intervention ) And Design , Therefore, control elements such as steering wheel and pedal can be hidden in automatic driving mode .

Facing the Chinese market , faw - Volkswagen Audi relies on its strong system strength , Actively build a comprehensive electrification strategy driven by user value , Intelligent through full driving scene 、 All car contact electrification 、 The whole travel life is intelligent in three steps , Gradually realize from traditional automobile manufacturers , Brand transformation to mobile travel service provider . future , faw - Volkswagen Audi will also adopt a richer series of pure electric products , Practice “All in e-tron” The promise of electric travel , Help Audi brand write a new success story in the Chinese market .

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