Maximum torque 300N · m Fengguang new 580 is equipped with a new 1.5tgdi Miller cycle engine

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maximum torque 300n fengguang new

In recent days, , After the appearance official drawing was released , Scenery NEW 580 The power information of was officially exposed . The new car will be equipped with a brand-new self-developed... Of Xiaokang power 1.5TGDI Miller cycle engine , matching 6AT Automatic transmission . This new powertrain uses advanced Miller combustion cycle technology , High torque 、 high efficiency 、 The high quality 、 Low emissions 、 Low fuel consumption 、 Low noise and many other advantages .

Adoption of new Miller cycle technology , It's new scenery 580 The biggest technical highlight of the new engine . Compared with traditional engine technology , The birth of Miller cycle technology solves the problem of large pump gas loss 、 A series of problems such as poor economy , With high efficiency 、 Low energy consumption and other advantages are in the Japanese system 、 Germany and many other international car companies have been widely used in global models .

In terms of performance , Scenery NEW 580 Equipped with this new 1.5TGDI Miller cycle engine can achieve maximum power 135kW, The maximum torque is to break through to 300N•m, The emission reaches the country 6b, The fuel consumption is as low as 7L following , It greatly reduces the user's car maintenance cost .

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