Hongqi H9 + declaration information was exposed, and the length of customized extended version exceeded Mercedes Benz S-class

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hongqi h9 declaration information exposed

recently , We got a group of red flags from the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology H9+ The declaration chart of , The red flag H9+ It is a high-end customized model launched by Hongqi brand . From the previous information, we can know , The red flag H9+ There are first editions 、 Dunhuang Edition 、 The Forbidden City Edition 、 White Magnolia version and white and red body version , As an extended version , The car is as long as 5337 mm , Than Mercedes S Magnitude and BMW 7 department .

As a high-end custom model , The red flag indicates that the new car will be adopted according to the needs of different customers “ Personal tailor ” Mode of Supply , Let each car have its own style and characteristics , Of course , The premise is that the Standard Version H9+ Benchmarking .

From the declaration chart , The standard version H9+ It's a black car , After lengthening, it B The column will appear wider , There will be +9 The logo of . The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5337*1904*1493mm, The wheelbase to 3260mm, with 245/40R20 The tyre , The aura looks very powerful .

The new car can be equipped with dual color body 、 Body waistline 、 Optional left and right fender trim covers . It is worth noting that , The red flag H9+ Customized models need to be registered on the red flag official website , After successful registration, you can customize the vehicle on the official website , After customization, you need to submit the order and pay the deposit , Then the red flag will contact the user and confirm the customization requirements , If there are further personalized needs , Red flag will invite users to Changchun customization Center , Develop more unique and exclusive solutions for users .

motivation , The red flag H9+ carrying 3.0T Supercharged engine , Maximum horsepower 283 horse , Peak torque 400 Cattle meters , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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