GAC Honda new Odyssey live shooting! It is expected to be on the market by the end of the year

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gac honda new odyssey live

recently , The Ministry of industry and information technology announced a group of real photos of the new Odyssey of GAC Honda , The appearance of the new car is basically the same as that of the overseas version , It will be officially launched in the fourth quarter as soon as possible . The overall style of the new Odyssey appearance is more atmospheric and stable . motivation , The new car continues to use the... Carried by the current model 2.0L Hybrid system .

aesthetic , The new Honda Odyssey adopts the latest family design language , The front face is equipped with large air inlet grille , The upper three gratings and the two sides LED The headlamp group is organically integrated , It not only increases the beauty and delicacy, but also horizontally stretches the visual width of the front face , The lower grille is designed with blackened shape , The silver black color matching of the whole front face shows a rich sense of hierarchy , It's very atmospheric .

Large size multi spoke aluminum alloy wheels are provided on the side of the car body , And equipped with double electric side sliding doors . The rear of the vehicle is a hidden exhaust layout , A metal chrome plated trim strip is added above to connect the tail lamp groups on both sides .

motivation , New car carrying 2.0L Hybrid power system , The comprehensive parameters are consistent with the cash . After the new car goes on sale, it will be connected with Buick GL8、 The kei M8 etc. , And the new Kia Jiahua that will be sold in China 、 Toyota Saina and other models compete .

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