6059 vehicles sold in only 10 days! How does Xingyue l Build the strongest combat power within 200000?

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7 What is the hottest sports brand in June ? you 're right , Erke . Because of a donation during the disaster, netizens competed first “ Wild consumption ” Hongxing Erke , In a short time, sales soared year-on-year 52 times . In the automotive industry , There are also many car companies that donate money and materials for the disaster area at the first time . Geely Automobile is one of them , A total of 3000 Ten thousand yuan in cash + Material donation also makes people feel very warm . Although we often say “ But don't ask about your future ”, but 7 This month's sales data is undoubtedly the best feedback to Geely .

Reverse growth under the epidemic :

By “ Rational consumption ” Geely cars

Geely Automobile announced 2021 year 7 Monthly sales data display , Geely 7 Monthly sales volume is 99275 car . stay 2021 Years ago 7 Months , Geely's total sales volume is 729512 car , An increase of 15%, It has been completed 153 The annual sales target of 10000 vehicles 48%.

One of the most amazing , yes 7 month 20 Xingyue, which has just officially launched on the th L. As a Geely brand CMA High end series “ Chinese star ” A member of the , The more stars L In a short time 10 Within days, the sales volume has exceeded 6000+, Cumulative orders are a breakthrough 30000+. In Xingyue L Within the price range , This group of data has reached five big cities at the same level SUV Of 10 The highest sales volume in days .

As “ Chinese star ” A member of the series , Chinese star · The flagship SUV The more stars L Obtaining such excellent results is the greatest affirmation of its product power . data display , In Xingyue L In the proportion of sales volume , The sales volume of high configuration models is 62%, The average transaction price of all models is as high as 17 Ten thousand yuan . For positioning compact SUV, And 13.72-18.52 The guidance price of 10000 yuan has broken into the joint venture brand “ Comfort zone ” Star Yue L Come on , This group of proud data has a very high gold content . It also proves that the more stars L Whether it's heat or technical strength , Are already in the hearts of consumers 20 Five big seats with no opponent within ten thousand SUV.

With the joint venture car just front !

The more stars L How to break through the ceiling of independent models ?

In the upward road of independent brands , There has always been an invisible barrier that has become the ceiling of development . Especially in compact SUV market , Product prices are extremely difficult to break through 15 Million yuan customs clearance , Previously, products challenging the ceiling of this independent model have also failed . Now the star with hot sales is more and more L, How to break through this ceiling ?

The price of the top model is close to 20 Ten thousand stars are more and more L Already with the public Tiguan L、 Toyota RAV4 Rongfang and many other strong joint venture models compete head-on , But as a Geely brand CMA The star of high-end series L But still rely on their own hard core strength to occupy an advantage .

stay SUV The size that users are most concerned about , The more stars L rely on 4770mm The length of the complete vehicle 、1895mm Full vehicle width , as well as 2845mm The wheelbase , Create a more imposing body shape , It has reached medium SUV The standard star L In terms of body size, it is better than Tiguan in all aspects L、RAV4 Rong Fang .

The wide body can bring more creative space for designers , Benchmarking the star of luxury models L With exquisite details , Showing extraordinary taste . Exquisite straight waterfall grille 、 Layered design LED Lamp group , And the body lines with great tension , All for the star L Bring the visual sense of flagship masterpiece . Compared with the Tiguan with serious design homogenization L、RAV4 Rong Fang , Represents Geely's current SUV Xingyue, the highest level of products L Just put it there , It's enough to attract attention .

Not just the look , The more stars L The interior design is also excellent . Full LCD instrument panel 、 Central control multimedia touch screen 、 The triple screen design composed of the front passenger's display screen has the most sense of science and technology in the same level , Bold color matching and high-grade materials perfectly integrate technology and luxury . The concept of road L And RAV4 Rongfang's interior design can't be called poor , But with the stars L Obviously not at the same level .

But the automotive industry is in the process of changing times , The requirement for luxury is no longer just stacking materials , Digital travel is the new standard to define luxury . Consumers generally believe that , New forces of car making with internet thinking tend to be better than traditional car enterprises in terms of intelligence . Maybe for the public 、 There is nothing wrong with Toyota , But this statement does not apply to Xingyue L.

The more stars L The intelligent cockpit system is called Geely galaxy OS, Although it's a fuel car , But the more stars L But it has an intelligent experience beyond new forces . be based on 7 Qualcomm Xiaolong made by nano technology TM8155 Chip and 12G The running memory is Geely galaxy OS Bring faster and more stable high computing performance , On this basis , The more stars L It also uses intelligent evolvable electronic and electrical architecture for Geely galaxy OS More than 1300 Multiple signal interfaces and more than 170 A car control function . The user can give full play to or control the sensor through the cockpit interface 、 camera 、 Functions provided by body hardware such as microphone , Realize multi-dimensional immersive driving experience . With the stars L comparison , View of path L And RAV4 Rongfang's car machine system basically remains in the most basic mobile phone Interconnection 、 The level of simple voice control , Both the degree of intelligence and the feeling of use are relatively general .

In the tradition of power performance, an independent brand “ Weakness ”, The more stars L It also shows high-end strength . meanwhile Drive-E series 2.0T We are already very familiar with the engine , Strong power and torque output can burst 175kW Maximum power and 350N·m Maximum torque , Official 7.7 The 100 second acceleration data is also enough to make the star more L Easily surpass Tiguan L And RAV4 Rong Fang .

It's not hard to see. , The more stars L It is Geely that sets up the flagship SUV The benchmark of high-end value . Whether it's a sense of design 、 Intelligence or power performance , The more stars L It has completely surpassed many strong joint venture brand models . It is also with strong comprehensive product strength , The more stars L To break the ceiling of independent models , Reach the same level 10 The highest sales volume in days , Is the 20 Five big seats with no opponent within ten thousand SUV. And behind all this , Can't live without Geely CMA The concept of high-end series of cars .

Beyond sales volume

“ Chinese star ” It is a new milestone

data display , Including Xingrui 、 The more stars S、 The more stars L Including three star products “ Chinese star ” models 7 Monthly sales volume is 18235 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 95465 car . Except Xingyue L, The main “ High performance SUV” The more stars are positioned S Also on the market 20 In days, I handed over 2060 Your answer sheet ;“ Chinese star · Flagship sedan ” Xingrui is listed 9 Months , The cumulative sales volume is close to 10 Thousands of cars , Achieved stable monthly sales of more than 10000 .

Auspicious flowers everywhere “ Chinese star ” Significance for independent brands , It's much more than high sales . In the past, independent brand models often needed to use cost-effective strategy to compete with joint venture products , But in the long run , Positioning of the brand 、 The image will be irreversibly damaged . How to enter the joint venture brand “ Private land ”, Realize the upward and high-quality development of the brand ? Strong technical support is indispensable .

CMA The super matrix is the carrier of Geely's technical strength , From safety 、 health 、 intelligence 、 performance 、 Starting from the five genes of energy conservation , Create their own car making Ecology . Geely brand CMA High end series “ Chinese star ” It is the representative work of the implementation of these technical concepts , The Chinese star is in “ High value ” As a breakthrough point, while the front of the joint venture is hard , It is also continuously realizing the popularization of high-end products , Bring users the most extreme cost performance . In order to pursue high quality, consumers endure the era of high price and low allocation of joint venture products , It's bound to be because of Geely CMA The existence of high-end series has come to an end .

As Geely Automobile emphasizes “ Fight for the value of cars ”, The high sales volume of China Star makes Geely Automobile have unlimited possibility to move higher , At the same time, it also points out the direction for the healthy development of Chinese automobile brands .

Car uncle summary

Different from Hongxing Erke's situation , As a mass consumer goods, cars will never be “ Wild consumption ”, It depends on the accumulation of word-of-mouth , Get the favor of rational consumers . The more stars L use 10 It's no accident that we hit the top of our class in days , Behind it is Geely Automobile's adherence to the brand upward 、 The hard work of developing high-end technology .CMA What the high-end series represents , It is the confidence and yearning of Chinese auto brands . With the stars L Geely represented by “ Chinese star ” Breaking through the technical bottleneck 、 Break the price ceiling , Accelerate the progress of China's automobile industry . China's auto industry , More stars are needed, too L、 More Geely cars .

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