[little sister chooses car] Japanese style or Nordic style? Lexus es vs Volvo S90

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little sister chooses car japanese

Speaking of luxury brands, medium and large cars ,BBA Medium “ The third one ” Always the first to be mentioned . although “56E” It really has a strong comprehensive product force , But there are two cars that should not be ignored , That's Lexus ES Volvo S90. For those who don't value the brand premium 、 For consumers who pursue unique personality , These two models are often compared . With the new Volvo S90 And the new Lexus ES Open presale , How to choose these two models now ?

New Lexus ES The pre-sale has been officially opened recently , And will be in 8 Official listing . The overall design of the new model has not changed much , The classic spindle shaped front grille adopts a new medium mesh design , Inverted “L” The type structure is also similar to that of Lexus LOGO Echo each other . The internal structure of the headlight group has changed , The whole becomes more compact .

The body side , New Lexus ES The whole line is still slender 、 grace , The waistline running through the body has a good sense of fluency . The side fender is slightly wider than the body , The precision of the chrome plated wheel hub with dense spokes is excellent .

The styling design of the rear also continues the family design language , The angular design is more pleasing . Besides , The small spoiler trim along the upper edge of the boot lid adds some sportiness , Chrome trim across the rear of the car can increase some visual width , The hidden exhaust adopted by the whole system is consistent with the design style of the whole vehicle .

New Volvo S90 In terms of appearance, it provides a luxury version 、 There are two designs available in the sports version , Among them, the deluxe version adopts the straight waterfall Chinese net shape , The sports version uses a dot matrix design .“ quake ” The headlights are Volvo's iconic design , It's very recognizable after lighting up .

Volvo S90 The side shape of the is also very slender , But the overall visual effect is better than Lexus ES More stretch . In terms of size , New Volvo S90 The length, width and height are respectively 5090/1879/1450 mm, The wheelbase is 3061mm, Compared to Lexus ES Obvious advantages .

The tail lamp group adopts the method corresponding to the front of the vehicle “ The Viking axe ” Design , whole LED The light source and running water steering lamp have excellent visual effect . The horizontal chrome plated decoration and duckling tail design are similar to those of Lexus , The exhaust also adopts a hidden design .

Into the car , The new Lexus still uses luxury 、 Calm style design , The three piece multifunctional steering wheel has a more obvious business atmosphere . The suspended central control screen creates a good sense of hierarchy , However, the large number of physical buttons below are somewhat complicated 、 It's too plain . At present, the new model has not been officially launched , But according to known news, the new Lexus ES Of LSS+ The intelligent security system will be further upgraded , It is expected that the overall safety will be greatly improved .

New Volvo S90 The interior decoration of the car is mainly to upgrade the car engine system , The overall design is the previous Nordic style central control , The materials and workmanship are very exquisite . The key point is to talk about the vehicle machine system , The new machine developed based on the native Android system has a relatively open application ecology , Gould map 、 Hkust xunfei 、 Huawei 、 tencent 、 Alibaba and other functions / The addition of applications is in line with the usage habits of Chinese consumers . In addition, the new Volvo S90 In terms of safety, there is no doubt , All standard CitySafety The urban security system has proved its practicability countless times .

motivation , New Lexus ES It is expected that 2.0L、2.5L and 2.5L Three kinds of hybrid power are available , The maximum power is respectively 173、207、178(Ps), The maximum torque is 208、243、221(N·m). The transmission system is matched separately CVT、8 The stopper is self-contained, and E-CVT transmission .

And Lexus ES comparison , Volvo S90 Different power schemes are adopted . Brand new 2.0T The turbocharged engine is equipped with a set of 48V Hybrid system , The most powerful 250Ps, Maximum torque 350N·m, Transmission system matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Besides , Volvo S90 It also provides T8 Plug in hybrid models , System integrated maximum power 288kW、 Peak torque 640N·m.

Little sister concluded

lexus ES Volvo S90 They are all products with unique temperament in the luxury medium and large car market , lexus ES It continues the stability of Japanese products 、 Business sense , But it may be a little old-fashioned for young people ; Volvo S90 On the basis of maintaining elegant temperament , In the sense of fashion 、 It also has a good performance in the sense of movement . However, in terms of the overall product power , Volvo S90 In size 、 power 、 Security advantages are actually more attractive . In addition, in terms of market terminal price , The little sister learned that Lexus ES In all parts of the country, we basically need to buy additional decoration , Otherwise, there will be a long collection cycle , And Volvo S90 The advantages in terminal concessions are even more obvious , Therefore, the cost performance is more prominent .‍

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