Sales in July exceeded 50000! BYD innovative energy passenger car monthly sales "new record"

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sales july exceeded byd innovative

According to official data , BYD passenger car 7 Monthly sales 56975 car , Year-on-year growth 89.4%, rose 14.5%; among , Sales of new energy vehicles hit another record high , reach 50057 car , Year-on-year growth 262.7%, rose 24.8%. BYD as the leader of new energy vehicles , Market value breakthrough 8000 Billion , Far ahead of Chinese automobile enterprises .

BYD's sales volume has repeatedly hit a single month high this year , Soaring for three consecutive months ,7 The sales volume of new energy in January directly exceeded the 50000 mark , It is unprecedented in the history of China's new energy vehicle passenger vehicle market ! BYD has fully blossomed in various market segments , As the pioneer and leader of plug-in hybrid cars ,DM-i drive DM Model sales have increased significantly ,7 Total sales in the month DM models 25061 car , Year-on-year growth 650.6%;EV The sales volume of pure electric vehicles has achieved good results , Total sales 24996 car , Year-on-year growth 138.9%.

As the flagship model of the dynasty car series , Han 7 The monthly sales volume is 8522. so far , Han's listing is only one year old , The sales volume has exceeded 100000 , In a year, the monthly sales exceeded ten thousand for many consecutive months , This is an important achievement of BYD's high-end strategy . Flagship car Han with its excellent comprehensive strength , stay BBA Firmly occupy the medium and large luxury car market and open up a growth pole . BYD Han has luxury security strength , Pass... With honors “ China's most stringent safety assessment ” China insurance automobile safety index (C-IASI) after ,7 Bydihan passed the exam with high marks in late June C-NCAP Collision test , achieve “ Five star safety ” standard , Become the first “ Double excellent safety certification ” New energy cars .

BYD's strength is far more than that ,7 month 31 Japanese and Han EV Push the standard endurance luxury model , The price is 20.98 ten thousand , Respond quickly to price competition with a tough posture . Only the range of the new model has changed , Other configurations are exactly the same , This shows the change of BYD's position , From passive response to foreign brand hunting to active attack in advance . When China's new energy vehicle enterprises will be impacted , BYD sounded the horn of Chinese auto brand attack .

Subdivide into models , The qin dynasty PLUS DM-i As DM-i The vanguard of the series , With its own super long 、 Super province 、 The super fast advantage is unique among many models , Sales continue to rise ,7 Monthly sales 11230 car , Set a record of 10000 in a single month , Add Qin PLUS EV, The qin dynasty PLUS Total sales 16753 car . At present, BYD is DM-i The production capacity on the model has increased rapidly , The delivery speed was accelerated , The song dynasty DM sales 7264 car , The tang dynasty DM sales 3892 car , Inject lasting impetus into the transformation of China's automobile market to new energy . The last two months , carrying DM-i Super hybrid models , It has been in many cities and regions in China , Recapture compact cars and compact cars from joint venture brands SUV The sales champion of .

EV models ,7 Month yuan Pro Sales soared , element EV Total sales 4255 car . element Pro EV It's BYD after the flagship model Han Tang , The first model of switching blade battery on the market , Have good-looking 、 So safe 、 Good open 、 And fun product features , In line with the trend design of the new generation 、 The need for intelligent security ,7 Month plus push 301KM The comfort model is more into 7 Ten thousand market , Accelerate the popularization of high-quality products 、 High safety electric vehicle .

The continuous rise of sales volume is inseparable from consumer recognition and confidence in BYD brand , While innovating technology and polishing products , BYD also pays attention to people's livelihood , Repay society .7 month 21 Japan , There was a sudden rainstorm in Henan , In front of the natural disaster , BYD not only donated money to Zhengzhou 2000 Million yuan for disaster relief and post disaster recovery , It also opened all of Zhengzhou 4S Point as an emergency shelter . With the rapid development of China's industry , Only brands that always stand with consumers , To gain the trust of consumers , To achieve long-term development !

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