BYD Han pushed the 506km version of Tesla to cut prices, with a market value approaching a record high of trillion

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byd han pushed 506km km

In recent days, the circle of new energy vehicles has attracted much attention , The protagonist of the big event is BYD and its flagship car Han :7 month 30 The meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held on the th called for , Support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles ;8 month 1 Japan , Byd han EV Push the entry-level luxury model of standard endurance version ,NEDC life 506 km , The price after subsidy is 20.98 Ten thousand yuan , The reservation has been opened , expect 2021 year 9 Month delivery , Establish 20 ten thousand + A new benchmark for the value of medium and high-end pure electric cars . The capital markets reacted immediately ,A The new energy vehicle sector index hit a record high , BYD is the leader of new energy vehicles , Market value breakthrough 8000 Billion , Far ahead of Chinese automobile enterprises .

BYD Hanzi 2020 Since its launch in , It has always attracted much attention , It can be said that the rim is popular , Why suddenly push a new version ? This is an initiative , Against Tesla in China again and again 、 The market strategy of reducing prices again and again .7 month 31 Japan , Tesla announces Model 3 Standard range upgrade price reduction 1.5 ten thousand , This is the 2019 year Model 3 The fourth price reduction after localization . Compared to Tesla , BYD Han's price reduction strategy is more accurate , Only the range of the new model is different from that of the original model , All other configurations are exactly the same , With the Model 3 In the alignment of, the product force is comprehensively dominant . Even the range , han EV The standard endurance version 506km, Enough to crush Model3 Of 468km.

Can decisively reduce the price of Tesla in such a short time , Throw out 506km Deep water bomb , It represents BYD's role in the macro competition of new energy , It has been able to accurately predict the changes of the industry and competitors , proactive , Advance layout . When people are still guessing how much impact the domestic new energy vehicle enterprises will suffer , BYD took the lead in responding , Sounded the horn of Chinese auto brand attack , Not afraid of price competition , Take the initiative to enter the hinterland of Tesla .

The capital market has greatly recognized BYD , It also reflects that BYD has formed technical barriers through years of technology accumulation , It has achieved a leading position in strength and brand . For example, BYD plans to release recently e platform 3.0, Although delayed by the epidemic , But combined with the release at the beginning of the year DM-i And the information already disclosed by Shanghai Auto Show , BYD can launch two major innovations in core technology within one year , The accumulation of technical strength can be seen .

BYD Dynasty flagship car Han , It is the new energy luxury car built based on BYD's high starting point technology . Since the first anniversary of listing , The total sales volume has exceeded 100000 , The monthly sales have exceeded ten thousand for many consecutive months , Highly recognized by the market , It has always been the sales champion in China's new energy medium and large car market . As a power faction, the net is popular , Byd han “ Security ” Our label is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Equipped with ultra safe blade battery , In a “ China's most stringent safety assessment ” China insurance automobile safety index (C-IASI) On , Biadihan did well ——“ In vehicle occupant safety index ”、“ Pedestrian safety index ”、“ Vehicle auxiliary safety index ” All three core indexes are excellent (G) evaluation . And then , han EV Also get C-NCAP Five star safety certification ,CCRT( Smart electric cars ) General Comment No. 1 , It can be said that in the automotive industry “ All eugenics ”.

From technology to products , From product to brand , BYD has achieved epoch-making transcendence . Believe in the further prosperity of the market 、 Further development of the enterprise 、 Further breakthroughs in products and technologies ,2021, China's new energy vehicles will usher in an era of rapid development , Chinese automobile brands will also play the strongest voice of the times .

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