Still obsessed with large displacement self-priming? Small displacement turbocharging is the king

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obsessed large displacement self-priming self

There are such a group of people , I think the engine of a really good car must be V8、V6 Such large displacement self-priming engine , In their eyes, large displacement represents good performance 、 Upscale luxury , And take the displacement as the only standard to judge the performance of the vehicle , But that's not true , Let's talk about .

Nowadays, urban traffic congestion 、 Environmental pollution is serious 、 Emissions are becoming increasingly stringent , The market space of large displacement self-priming engine is becoming smaller and smaller , It can be predicted that small displacement turbocharged engine will become the mainstream , Mercedes M139、 The public EA888、 Honda L15B They are typical representatives of small displacement turbocharged engines , Although the displacement is small , But power 、 The torque is not weaker than that of some large displacement self-priming engines , And it has better performance in fuel economy , In this environment, consumers also prefer small displacement turbocharged engines , The living space of large displacement self-priming engine is further reduced .

Besides , Small displacement turbocharged engines are not only in power 、 Excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption , It also has less tax to pay , China imposes more taxes on cars equipped with large displacement engines , And there is more vehicle and vessel tax to be paid every year , So from the perspective of consumer car use , Cars with small displacement turbocharged engines have the advantage of spending costs .

Don't talk about heroes by displacement , Attention to engine performance should not be limited to displacement , We should focus on the technical application of the whole engine , How to achieve greater power output with lower displacement is the direction of research and development of automobile enterprises in the future , Truly achieve the balance between environmental protection and power , This is also the fundamental reason why small displacement turbocharged engine is destined to become the mainstream .

What are your views on large displacement self-priming engine and small displacement turbocharged engine ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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