Want to extend the life of your car? Pay special attention to these points when using the car!

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China's automobile industry started late , Most people are lack of car knowledge , Many non-standard driving habits will have a certain impact on the service life of the vehicle , In this issue, we will talk about some matters we need to pay attention to when using cars .

Don't wait until the oil gauge light is on

Uncle Che suggested that the fuel tank should not be too full , But not too little , Often wait until the oil gauge light is on to refuel , It will affect the service life of the gasoline pump , Because the gasoline pumps are installed in the fuel tank , When the oil quantity is lower than the alarm oil quantity, the oil pump will overload , Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of gasoline pump , The vehicle shall be refueled in time .

Don't idle the car for a long time

Many car owners will idle the vehicle before driving , It's a complete superfluous act . When the vehicle idles in place , The time for the engine to reach normal operating temperature will be extended , At this time, not only many pollutants are discharged , And due to insufficient fuel combustion , Easy to form carbon deposit . However, if you keep the vehicle running, you can quickly reach the normal operating temperature , At the same time, it can prolong the service life of the three-way catalyst , Reduce air pollution . It should be noted that , When the water temperature does not reach the normal temperature , Never run the engine at high speed .

Power consumption when the vehicle is off

Many car owners' friends when the car stalls , Still playing music 、 The movie 、 Charging your cell phone 、 Turn on the headlights 、 Turn on the dash cam, etc . It is impossible to judge the current battery capacity when the ignition is off , If the power is too low and a lot of power is used , It is likely to cause the battery to lose power and fail to catch fire , It not only affects the battery life, but also affects our normal car use . Vehicles that often travel short distances should charge the battery regularly , Make sure the battery is full , It does not affect the normal use of vehicles .

Have you learned the above points ? If you have your own point of view , Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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