Volkswagen ID. series is far better than Tesla! Why do you say that?

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volkswagen id. id series far

For the traditional car brand to make electric vehicles , A lot of people scoff , Think the burden of traditional car brands is too heavy , Can't create a subversive product like Tesla , Volkswagen launched ID. Although the series models are not subversive enough , But it is the most practical electric car , In this issue, let's talk about the public ID. series .

The public ID. The series consists of ID.CORZZ、ID.VIZZION、ID.ROOMZZ、ID.BUZZ、ID.R、ID.BUGGY Form a product matrix , At present, Volkswagen has been listed in China ID.6 X、ID.4 X,ID.6 CROZZ、ID.4 CROSS, What these products have in common is that they are manipulating 、 Interior upholstery and other aspects are not different from traditional fuel vehicles , Although not as subversive as Tesla , But for consumers , The difficulty of getting started and the cost of learning are the lowest .

Besides , Volkswagen as the overlord of traditional automobile brands , stay ID. You can see the car making skills of traditional car brands in the series , From the appearance, we can see that the public really has a heart , A change from the previous familial appearance , With ID.6 X For example , It uses a floating light folding body contour 、 Wave hyperboloid hood and arc streamline suspended roof , Let the body present the visual effect of light and shadow , Dynamic elegance , continue ID. Family style unique sense of future , Star grid design with through lighting effect , It's shining , Glamorous .

in general , The public ID. The emergence of the series really shook Tesla's position in the field of electric vehicles , Although there is a certain gap with Tesla in terms of acceleration performance , But what the public pursues is not the ultimate performance , But to bring customers a better car experience and driving experience , With the continuous innovation of science and technology and the accumulation of mass car making technology , It is bound to bring more attractive models and products to Chinese consumers , With the shift of the development focus of Volkswagen Group ,ID. The day when the series beat Tesla is not far away .

For the public ID. What do you think of the series ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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