Xinbaojun rs-5 sells worse and worse. It only sells more than 100 vehicles a month. Is there still a chance?

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xinbaojun rs-5 rs sells worse

Once Baojun relied on low price , So that almost every model launched can “ fire ” Last time , Such as baojun 510 The monthly sales volume of was once close to Harvard H6; baojun 730 Monthly sales of 5 Thousands of cars ; And Baojun 310 The highest monthly sales volume of has also reached 3.1 Thousands of cars , Such achievements are the envy of many independent brands . However, as consumption escalates , Simply taking the low-end route is no longer feasible , We have to take the road of brand upward ,2019 year 4 Yue xinbaojun was born , The main “ High-end + Intelligent ” Route , And a brand new LOGO, But the road did not go smoothly .

since 2019 Since its establishment in , Xinbaojun has launched RS-5、RC-6、RM-5、RS-3、RC-5 as well as E300 Models such as , Cover the car 、SUV、MPV And new energy , But for now , Xinbaojun brand has not been recognized by consumers , There is still a big gap between the sales volume and the old Baojun at its peak . According to the sales data , New Baojun 2020 The annual cumulative sales volume is 154005 car , In the first half of this year, the cumulative sales volume was only 13702 car . obviously , Launched by xinbaojun 2 During the year , Not only did it not stop Baojun from falling , On the contrary, it also dragged down Lao Baojun a lot , The momentum of development is worrying .

At present, xinbaojun's model with the highest sales volume , The cumulative sales volume in the first half of this year was only 7440 car , The monthly sales of other models are less than 100 . For example, today's new Baojun RS-5, since 2019 year 4 After listing , The highest monthly sales are only 4 More than a thousand , And this year 6 The monthly sales volume is only 69 car , The cumulative sales volume in the first half of the year was only 641 car , As the first model of Baojun after replacing the new standard , It's really disappointing to achieve such a result .

New Baojun RS-5 The price is 9.78-13.58 Ten thousand yuan , Locate compact SUV, It is one of the most competitive segments at present . Look at Harvard in this field H6、 changan CS75 Models such as , On Manufacturing Technology 、 Quality control and core technology , They can already compete with joint venture brands . And xinbaojun RS-5 Although born in a new R platform , But as high as 10 The selling price of more than 10000 yuan 、 The deficiency of brand value and the backwardness of core technology , It's hard to compete with peers .

New Baojun RS-5 Based on brand new R Platform to build , from 2019 Since its launch in , I've always had high hopes , However, sales volume is the most true reflection . According to the sales data , This year's new Baojun RS-5 The sales volume has been hovering in dozens or more than 100 for many months , Not even 200 have been broken . Although it is one-sided to measure a car by sales volume , But to a certain extent , The sales volume is just the proof of the strength and popularity of this car .

In terms of appearance design , New Baojun RS-5 It's really hard , The diamond logo 、 Dot matrix Zhongwang Xinghui air inlet grille 、G Suspended roof of type a headlight 、 Body shoulder line 、 Flare type through taillights and other design elements , Looks very young personality . And as long as 2700mm The wheelbase is also relatively dominant among the same class , The whole space is also very useful for families . I thought I could get more young people's favor with excellent appearance design , But today's consumers are not easy to deceive , They are more rational , Pay more attention to the key of the product “ Three pieces ”.

Compare the dynamic parameters of the new Baojun model with the old Baojun model , It's not hard to find out , The new Baojun is actually the old Baojun who changed its shell , Its use “ Three pieces ” Still like old Baojun before . New Baojun RS-5 With Lao Baojun 530 identical , use 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 147Ps, Maximum torque 250N·m, Yes 6 Manual and CTV Gearbox optional . With the harvard 、 Changan and other brands 1.5T Lack of competitiveness compared with other models , Among them, haver H6( The most powerful 169Ps, Maximum torque 285N•m); changan CS75 PLUS( The most powerful 178Ps, Maximum torque 265N·m), And they all provide 2.0T Engine options .

More Than This , Compared to haver H6、 changan CS75 PLUS Equivalent competitive models , Except that the engine parameters have no advantages , The cylinder block is also made of cast iron , You should know that this level of products are basically made of aluminum alloy . Besides , The harvard 、 The warranty of Changan model is 3 Years or 10 Thousands of kilometers , And xinbaojun RS-5 The warranty is for 3 Years or 6 Thousands of kilometers .

In contrast, xinbaojun RS-5, The only advantage you can find is maturity and reliability , But is this power system really that reliable ? stay 2020 Year of “3·15” At the party , Baojun once became the only car brand on the list , Many car owners reported that there was an obvious abnormal noise in the gearbox , There was a crash , And it has not been properly solved , The new Baojun adopts the same power system as the old Baojun , Naturally, it also includes the transmission .

Found through the complaint platform of vehicle quality network , New Baojun RS-5 Engine failure 、 The collapse of the transmission has become the hardest hit area for car owners to complain , If “ Two big pieces ” There's something wrong with everything , It's impossible to think of fire . by comparison , Like Chang'an automobile 、 Top class car companies like Great Wall Motors , Supported by excellent technology , Take Changan Automobile as an example , It not only has a technologically stable wet double clutch gearbox , Changan's blue whale power also wants to get rid of xinbaojun. I don't know how many streets . Besides , New Baojun RS-5 There are still many problems in after-sales , Such as unfulfilled service commitments 、 Poor technical staff 、 Repair many times 、 Poor service attitude 、 System upgrade problem 、 Imperfect service process, etc , All appear in this car . At the same price , Choose haver 、 Changan and other models , Obviously a safer option .

Car uncle summary

In the current domestic automobile market ,10 All level SUV The competition is fierce , The models available to consumers are very rich , Quality and service have become the only winner in the car market competition . Once consumers loved Baojun because it was cheap , Xinbaojun just changed its shell and threatened to be a high-end brand , Treat consumers as fools , If you don't understand the real needs of target consumers , Improve product quality , Then the brand of xinbaojun will be destroyed , It is also destined that the road to the future will not be too long .

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