Still superstitious about rotor engines? In fact, there is no such god!

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superstitious rotor engines fact god

Speaking of the development of engines , We have to talk about the amazing rotor engine blown by many people , Unlike piston reciprocating engines , The rotor engine changes the form of motion , It is an engine with a rotor rotating . It has extremely high power and speed , Why did the once beautiful rotor engine go silent again ? In this issue, let's talk about rotor engine .

An engine is essentially a machine that converts heat energy into kinetic energy , General engines are piston reciprocating engines , When working, the piston moves back and forth in a straight line in the cylinder , In order to convert the linear motion of the piston into rotary motion , The crank slider mechanism must be used . however , For rotor engines , It can directly convert the combustion expansion force of combustible gas into driving torque , Compared with piston reciprocating engine , The rotor engine eliminates useless linear motion , Therefore, the size of rotor engine with the same power is smaller , Light weight , And the vibration and noise are low , It has great advantages .

With rotor engine, the structure is simple 、 It's smaller 、 Light weight 、 Low center of gravity 、 Compared with the advantages of small vibration , The disadvantages of rotor engine are more fatal . Limited by physical structure , Rotor engine not only has high fuel consumption 、 The pollution is heavy , And because there is no high compression ratio of reciprocating engine , The internal combustion of the engine is not sufficient , The overall work efficiency is not high , Even though Mazda has added single turbocharging and double turbocharging to the rotor engine , But it only increases the output horsepower , And moderately reduce the exhaust emission , There is a big gap with the traditional piston compound engine . Besides , The rotor engine is severely worn , The short service life of parts is also an important reason affecting its development .

in general , Rotor engine has advantages , But it's not enough to stand out in the engine field , Its disadvantages are very fatal , It is also the fundamental reason why it has not been popularized at present .

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