Why is the sales volume of mingjue 6, once a "second kill" civic, so bleak?

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sales mingjue second kill civic

mg 6 It's a car owned by SAIC mingjue , It has gone through three generations of evolution , From the first generation of hatchback, high-value design , To the second generation 6 High performance car with 100 seconds , Then to the third generation of high beauty 、 Strong motivation 、 High security 、 Black science and technology 、 Super combat power vehicle with high intelligence , mg 6 That's a good explanation “always YOUNG” Of MG The spirit of .

But compared with the famous barons when they first appeared on the market 6 The scenery is infinite ,6 Month Baron 6 The sales volume is only 3050 car , This has nothing to do with product power 、 Brand power has a great relationship . First in appearance 、 interior 、 Power, etc , mg 6 It still shows a certain sincerity , However, poor quality control and marketing methods make mingjue 6 Our sales have collapsed , from “ seckill ” The civic 、 Festa to race against the high-speed rail , mg 6 Every time the marketing method is very puzzling , It has also persuaded many consumers who are ready to buy cars .

Besides , mg 5 The launch of took away many famous barons 6 The customer , stay 6 Month Baron 5 The sales volume of is 7078 car , Bi mingjue 6 More than twice as many , All this is because of the famous Baron 5 The guidance price is better than that of a famous Baron 6 About 30000 lower , At the same time, in terms of product positioning, the overlap of the two vehicles is also very high , They are all aimed at young customer groups , The sports appearance and interior create a full sports atmosphere , On the basis of similar positioning , Consumers prefer mingjue with lower price 5, So as to cause the famous Baron 6 Now nobody cares about the embarrassing situation .

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