Tencent's real shot of Euler's good cat GT sports is suitable for retro

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tencent real shot euler good

Euler, as an electric vehicle brand under the Great Wall , Always with personality , The image of fashion shows people , In terms of model naming, it is also enough to release itself , Euler's good cat is the Great Wall lemon pure electric structure + The first work under the coffee intelligent Ecology , And this time we actually shot GT Version model , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , It can be regarded as the first pure electric performance version of Euler brand .

Euler is a good cat GT The modeling design of is still born out of the ordinary version of the good cat , Is based on “ Retro futurism ” make , However, thanks to the blessing of a large number of sports kits , It also gives a good cat GT Enough personalized elements .

Body size , Euler is a good cat GT Closer to a compact hatchback , But the body is obviously higher , The specific three-dimensional parameters of length, width and height are 4254/1848/1596mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm.

The front part of the car always looks a little familiar , But a slightly exaggerated imitation carbon fiber material , The bulge on the machine cover , All add a lot of powerful elements to this retro feeling , And the combination of the two has no sense of conflict .

Headlights are not standard round , It's an irregular oval shape , It still looks nostalgic , But all LED The light source , Exquisite details in the lamp cavity , And functional aspects are modern enough , It's completely modern .

The contour lines on the side of the car body are very close to the ordinary version of a good cat , It is also a round and full style , Try to get the wheels as close as possible , The front and rear overhangs are short , It also looks very compact , But the details of the decoration still show its difference .

18 Inch wheel hub with a full tension petal shape , And decorated with red , The calipers are also red , It shows a strong sense of combat , The standard tire is Jiatong GitiComfort 225 V1, specifications 215/50 R18.

Euler is a good cat GT The design of the rear of the car is very simple and clear , The round appearance is quite naive , however GT The version injects a distinctive sports element into it with the right sports kit , For example, the lower enclosure with red decoration .

with GT The spoiler of the logo is also a finishing touch , With hollowed out design , Strong sense of exclusivity , This is also the attitude of a sports model , It's also the difference GT An important feature of this model and ordinary good cats .

It is worth mentioning that , Good cat GT Nor does it use the traditional independent tail lamp design , Instead, there is a... Located on the lower edge of the rear windshield LED Lamp with , This is really a very unique design detail .

Euler is a good cat GT Although the interior design of continues the style of ordinary good cat on the whole , But the red and black color contrast design well sets off the sports atmosphere , Dual screen , Through type air conditioner outlet , They are also popular elements nowadays .

The material inside the car is still very textured , The center console is mostly covered with soft materials , It feels good, too , It also has a red suture design , The process quality can also stand scrutiny , satisfying .

In addition to using black and red color matching for the two plate steering wheel , With silver decoration , The texture is quite good , At the same time, the size and grip feel are quite handy , The above integrated control functions are also very rich .

The size of all LCD instrument is not large , Only 7 Inch , It's exactly the same as the ordinary good cat , There are not many special signs , Although the size is small , But the amount of information is still very rich ,UI The design is also very distinctive .

10.25 The inch central display has excellent resolution and exquisite display effect , The card layout is quite convenient to use , The overall design and function are no different from the ordinary good cat .

The air conditioning control area adopts paddle control , And has a bright silver decoration similar to metal texture , This is also the most retro place in the car , But this detail and MINI The car is really very similar .

Euler is a good cat GT The four window control keys of the version support the one touch lifting function , The exterior rearview mirror can also be electrically folded , The functionality of these nuances is also guaranteed , No deliberate cost savings .

except USB Interface , The wireless charging function of mobile phone has also appeared in the good cat GT On the car , This is for the people in the car , Especially for young people , Charging mobile devices has become a lot easier .

On the driver's side A Face recognition and voiceprint recognition system on column , Fatigue monitoring can be realized through the driver's facial expression , Distraction monitoring , And emotion recognition , Very unique black Technology .

360 The panoramic parking aid system is very practical , The camera has a high resolution , Good display clarity , And can be in 2D and 3D Switch between perspectives , The functionality is very good .

Although the body size is not big , But Euler is a good cat GT The version still offers a panoramic skylight , This is also one of the favorite configurations of Chinese consumers , And the front half of the sunroof can be opened , It makes the car look transparent .

Both front seats are provided with electric adjustment , The shape is the same as that of the ordinary good cat , But the red edging and the seat belt and the head restraint GT The logo still has a strong sense of exclusivity , The filler is soft , Or comfort orientation .

The space in the back row is also very good , Plenty of head and leg space , The seat comfort is also satisfactory , And has a middle handrail , However, it is a pity that the rear air conditioning outlet and the head restraint in the middle are not provided .

Under normal conditions , Good cat GT The luggage compartment volume of this version is not large , Only 228 l , It can meet the needs of daily use , It will still be a little insufficient to transport large luggage , The opening in the luggage compartment is large , But the threshold is not low .

The rear seat can be pressed 4/6 The ratio is inverted , To further improve the loading capacity , The luggage space will increase to 858 l , However, the rear seat after being put down cannot form a plane with the trunk floor completely .

Compared with the ordinary version, a good cat ,GT The maximum power of the front axle motor equipped for the model is from the previous 105kW Up to the 126kW, Maximum torque from 210N.m to 250N.m, The capacity of ternary lithium battery is 59.1kWh,NEDC Mileage to 480 km .

Transmission in , Good cat GT It is still the fixed gear ratio single speed gearbox commonly used in electric vehicles , The shift structure also adopts the popular knob type at present , It also occupies less space in the central passage .

Euler is a good cat GT The suspension structure is also the same as that of the ordinary good cat , Also the former McPherson is an independent suspension , Rear trailing arm torsion beam independent suspension , As for whether the adjustment has changed , We won't know until the test drive later .


Retro and fashion , It seems to be a pair of antonyms that are difficult to integrate , But a good cat in Euler GT On the version , But it has been very inclusive , And many so-called “ Sports section ” The of the model has nothing to do with its table , Good cat GT The version has also been improved in power , In the field of autonomous electric vehicles , Good cat GT Version is a very perceptual existence , Its value is far from limited to transportation tools , It will also be a good partner to reflect your personality .

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